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Character Profile: Bellemere

USA Info
Japanese Info
Bellemere Bellemere Bellemere (One Piece)
Bellemere (One Piece)
Human Human
Female Female
Red Red
Killed by Arlong Killed by Arlong
"I'll pay you back later in kisses"  
Cynthia Cranz(FUNimation) Noriko Hidaka
Episode 33: It Takes a Thief Episode 33: It Takes a Thief
· · ·
Volume 9: tears(manga) Volume 9: tears(manga)
One Piece One Piece

Character Description: Bellemere

Born and raised in Coco village, Bellemere later joins the navy. After a terrible battle, she was terribly wounded. Also a young girl came to her. The young girl was carrying an infant. The young girl was Nojiko, and the infant was Nami. According to Mr. Genzo, he tells Nami when she was eight years old that:

She'd been left for dead on the battlefield. She was about to close her eyes and die when Nojiko came along, carrying you.

Bellemere returns to Coco Village, and she tells the doctor to save them. While she is recovering at the doctor's office she shocks the whole town when she said that she'd be the girl's mother. Near her house is a tangerine grove that she grows, which is why Nami says, "The only thing I like is money and Tangerines.

Unfortunately, Arlong's pirates came to the island. Arlong wants 100,000 Berries a head for grown ups, and 50,000 for kids. Everyone in Coco village knows that she doesn't have enough money for herself and the two girls. Mr. Genzo tries to lie to Arlong about Nami and Nojiko while the doctor wants them to flee the village, but she says that the money is for Nojiko and Nami. Her lasts words before Arlong shot her were "I love you."

Her grave is facing the ocean, and after Luffy defeats Arlong, Mr. Genzo pours a bottle of liquid over her grave. Also, the last picture that they show of Bellemere's grave was a tangerine, and the pinwheel that Mr. Genzo wore on his hat to make Nami laugh as a baby.

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