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ChaserSmokerChaser (One Piece)
34 years old34 years old
Marine CaptainMarine Captain
"That's right. You're never going to the Grand Line.""That's right. You're never going to the Grand Line."
Ginzo Matsuo, Mahito Oba (episodes 94 and on)
Episode 39Episode 48
One PieceOne Piece

Character Description: Chaser

Smoker is a Marine captain. He ate the Moku Moku no Mi, or Smoke Smoke fruit (also known as the Steam Steam fruit, since the US has thing against smoking, especially in children's programming). It gave him the power to turn into smoke.

He was first seen at Loguetown (Roguetown in the English dub) with his vice-captain Tashigi, and is extremely powerful. He nearly captured Luffy, but Luffy narrowly eluded imprisonment.

He also has fought Portgas D. Ace, Luffy's brother. However, Portgas D. Ace had the Mera Mera no Mi (Flare Flare fruit), and no matter how much Smoker and Ace could battle, their powers would always cancel each other out, resulting in a draw.

Smoker appears again in the Alabasta Arc (92-130 in the original; 59- in the dub). In Episode 94, Luffy encounters him in a restaurant in Nanohana while stuffing his face. Then, Luffy runs away. Thus, Luffy eluded capture again, along with Ace.

Smoker is again seen in Episode 105 (and chases Luffy once more). However, Smoker and Luffy's entire crew (minus Chopper and Sanji) are captured by Crocodile, a member of the Shichibukai trying to take over Alabasta. In the prison, Smoker nearly dies when the dungeon is flooded, but Luffy ordered Zoro to take Smoker back to the surface. After this, Smoker intentionally lets the Straw Hat pirates escape his grasp.

After Luffy defeated Crocodile and Baroque Works, Smoker was given the credit since the World Government didn't want the world to know that a pirate saved Alabasta. However, Smoker denied the credit, openly saying that Luffy saved Alabasta. Unfortunately, nobody listened to him.

At the time of this writing, Smoker hasn't been seen since Episode 130.

In the original, Smoker has two huge cigars in his mouth, as well as cigar packs hanging all over his body. However, in the dub all these cigars are erased.

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