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Don KriegDon KriegDon Krieg (One Piece)
Sneak Attack KriegSneak Attack Krieg
Captain of the late Krieg ArmadaCaptain of the late Krieg Armada
One PieceOne Piece

Character Description: Don Krieg

Don Krieg started his rise to infamy in the ranks of the Marines/Navy. Here he eventually killed the commander of his unit and from that ship he began a pirate crew. His tactics earned him success and infamy, as well as a moniker "Sneak Attack Krieg". His methods ranged from sailing into a port with a Marine flag raised and then attacking on landfall, to feigning surrender during battles and attacking his foes when they came to deal with him up close. All this scummy fighting lead Krieg to a 50 ship pirate armada and a bounty of 17 thousand Beris. He was ready to tackle the Grand Line itself....

But fate was as cruel as Krieg himself, and his fleet soon got lost in the wild weather seas of the Grand Line, but that was nothing compared to what happened next. His crew sailed into contact with a boat carrying 7 Armed Seas member Dracule Mihawk. Apparently for no reason, Mihawk attacked Krieg's fleet with devastating results....

One life-saving storm later, Krieg's crew had retreated from the Grand Line. However, Mihawk had slaughtered 49 ships of the 50 ship fleet, and the remaining vessel was short on food and supplies and in terrible shape. Krieg was desperate.

But then a chance for revival popped up. A restaurant ship known as the Baratie was nearby, and Krieg could feed his men! But Krieg was no man accustomed to simple gratitude. This Baratie ship was a great replacement for his sinking last ship. And its famous Head chef had a sail record of a journey to the Grand Line. Krieg prepared a plan of counter attack... and the rest is history.

Krieg is a walking arsenal and a veritable box of tricks. Within his armor are the following...

  • Mounted Guns: These can pop up at Krieg's will and fire with ease.
  • Tiny Spears: Fired from his Shoulder plate when removed. Machine gun like in nature.
  • Spiked Cape: A cape with metal spines on it.
  • Flamethrower: Self explanatory.
  • MH5: A deadly poison gas that could wipe out a small village.
  • Fake MH5: Only in the manga, this fake gas bomb explodes into shruikens.
  • Wurtz Steel Armor: The type of heavy duty armor he wears.
  • Net: A special net Krieg can fire from his armor wrist.
  • Great War Spear: The combination of his shoulder plates, this bomb on a stick explodes when its hit into something.
  • Bombs: Tiny but powerful bombs Krieg chucks from his pocket.

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