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Captain KuroCaptain KuroCaptain Kuro (One Piece)
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Clahadour (alternate spelling)Clahadour (alternate spelling)
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The Man Of A Thousand Plans
30 years old (source: episode 35)30 years old (source: episode 35)
Hazel (source: Episode 14)Hazel (source: Episode 14)
Butler for Kaya; Former Captain of Black cat pirate crewButler for Kaya; Former Captain of Black cat pirate crew
Episode 9: The Honorable Liar? Captain Usopp!
One PieceOne Piece

Character Description: Captain Kuro

Kuro is a devious and slightly crazed former pirate captain. When he was a captain he lead a successful life of piracy with his Black cat pirates. But Kuro did not like the pirate's life, as he reasoned what good are the spoils if you can't spend them? He also hated being constantly chased by the marines. He devised a sinister plan to leave the pirate life by making it seem that he had been captured and executed.

He came to a small island, and the village on it. Here he began a scheme to get incredibly rich. He got himself taken in by a rich family that lived in a manor near the village, and worked for them as a faithful butler under the name Clahadour (the family, of course, had no idea who he actually was). When the man and woman of the manor died, Kuro was left to take care of their sickly daughter, Kaya. As several years passed, Kuro readied his plan. He gained complete trust and friendship of the villagers and Kaya, and secretly made contact with his old crew. The plan was for his old crew to come to the village and raise hell by pillaging it, then he would make Kaya sign a will making her fortunes go to Clahadour, her faithful butler and caretaker. Then they would kill her. The plan was made so that Kuro would not be suspected in any way while his crew received blame.

And now a little about some notable members of the Black cat crew. Jango was the first mate to Kuro (thus the current captain). He is a Michael Jackson parody character who uses hypnotism. Bucchi and Sham/Siam are two cat-like brothers who make a double team in battle. Bucchi is the brawn, while Sham steals from the foe. They are the ships guards.

Kuro's own fighting is with his "claws". He can wear huge gloves with long razor-like claws attached them. Kuro causes a lot of bloody mayhem with these babies. Also, Kuro can move at super speed without making a sound. Kuro has a great dislike for Ussop, and Luffy sees him as a pathetic pirate since he ran away from the pirate life.

Captain Kuro wears glasses that tend to slide down his nose, so he's always pushing them back up again. However, he always does this with the heel of his hand. This is from force of habit, from back when he always did this while wearing his Cat's Claw.

Character Description: Captain Kuro

Former captain of the Black Cat Pirates, Kuro switched places with a crew mate three years before meeting Luffy and the others so that he could avoid execution by the navy.

He worked for Kaya for those three years to keep a low profile. When Luffy and the others arrived, he decided to return to his former position as Black Cat captain.

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