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Japanese Info
Mr. 2Mr. 2Mr. 2 (One Piece)
Bon ClayBon Clay
Officer agent of Baroqe WorksOfficer agent of Baroqe Works
"Gay! I am gay!"Gay! I am gay!
Episode 47Episode 67
One PieceOne Piece

Character Description: Mr. 2

Mr. 2/Bon Clay is a high ranked member of the criminal group Baroque Works. As every member of B.W. gets a code name, Mr. 2 got two. Since he's gay (or at least he sure acts like it in the US version), he doesn't have a female partner agent. As a male member, he gets the number code name "2", and acting like a female he gets a holiday "Bon Clay". Mr. 2 is the most flamboyant okama ever.

Mr. 2 wields the powers of the Devil fruit "Clone Clone" (or "Copy Copy"). Any person he's touched he can transform into. This ability makes him highly valuable to B.W. His fighting style can only be described as Ballet meets Karate, but he just calls it "Okama Kenpo".

During the chaotic final battle in the Alabasta storyline, he faces off with Sanji. It's an ultimate fight of flamboyantly gay VS. flamboyantly straight. Mr. 2's battle with Sanji was a pretty interesting one because Mr. 2 kept using Nami's face by touching his left cheek, and both of them were using their legs to fight. After the battle Mr. 2 asks Sanji to destroy him before Mr. 2 two does, but Sanji doesn't. In the end, Mr. 2 isn't all that bad of a guy helping the StrawHat crew escape from Alabasta since the marines are chasing them.

In episode 129, Bon Clay helps Luffy and company to get back to Alabasta to see Vivi--at the cost of his life--his parting words were "Now, go and spread, my young flowers."

Editor's Note: If can shed some light on the whole "Copy Copy" versus "Clone Clone" (like perhaps if one is used in the manga and one in the anime, or one in the Japanese release and one in the American release), please contact me.

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