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Character Profile: Miss April Fool's Day

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Japanese Info
Miss April Fool's DayMiss GoldenweekMiss April Fool's Day (One Piece)
Baroque Works Officer AgentBaroque Works Officer Agent
"You mustn't destroy that. Mr. 3 will get angry.""You mustn't destroy that. Mr. 3 will get angry."
One PieceOne Piece

Character Description: Miss April Fool's Day

Miss Goldenweek is a high ranked member of Baroque Works and the partner of Mr. 3. Like her partner, she is a combative artist and a person who is essentially rather lazy. Her age is debatable, many people think she's a little girl but on closer inspection one can see that she's probably not that young. Her art niche is of course painting, and like Mr. 3 she can fight with it. But unlike Mr. 3 she has no Devil Fruit and relies on the subtle messages colors give people. You may have heard things about how "orange is an appetizing color" or "Blue makes people sad". Well, Miss Goldenweek takes this to the extreme. For instance, her attacks...

  • Betrayal Black: This paint makes the victim not follow any orders from allies.
  • Laughing Yellow: This makes the victim break into uncontrollable laughter.
  • Bullfight Red: This color acts as an indefinite target, like say you want to punch Goldenweek, well no matter how much you try you'll end up punching that red paint mark.
  • Sorrowful Blue: Never actually used, but we can assume this is the opposite of Laughing Yellow.
  • Relaxing Green: This causes the victim to act a lot like Miss Goldenweek herself, as in they completely chill out and will like sit down and have a picnic with some tea in the middle of the battlefield.

These attacks all are done by Miss Goldenweek painting a special mark on the victim or the ground in Bullfight Red's case.

Miss. Goldenweek shows up in the Little Garden arc and half-assedly aids Mr. 3 in trying to kill Princess Vivi and company, the effort fails and she is chased off by Karoo into the jungles.

Currently in the manga, she is the star of her own title page serial story.

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