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NamiNamiNami (One Piece)
Nami the Pirate RobberNami the Pirate Robber
18 years old (born July 3)18 years old (born July 3)
· · ·
20 years old (after time skip)20 years old (after time skip)
Dark brownDark brown
5'5" (source: English manga, volume 10)169 cm (about 5'6.5") (source: One Piece RED: Grand Characters)
· · ·
 170 cm (after time skip)
37-22-33" (source: SBS Volume 37)95-55-85 cm (source: SBS Volume 37)
· · ·
39-23-35" (after time skip)98-58-88 cm (after time skip)
Thief, cartographer, navigatorThief, cartographer, navigator
Kerry Williams (4Kids)Wakana Yamazaki
· · ·
Luci Christian (FUNimation)Wakana Yamazaki (episodes 70-78)
Episode 1: I'm Luffy! The man who's gonna be King of the Pirates!Episode 1: I'm Luffy! The man who's gonna be King of the Pirates!
One PieceOne Piece

Character Description: Nami

Nami was a girl whose childhood is filled with dark memories of pirate pillage and plunder. She, along with an older girl named Nojiko, were raised by a female former Marine named Belle-M�re (or Bellemare) until the village where they were living (Cocoyashi Village) was ravaged by Merman pirates led by Arlong. Arlong made each adult pay 100,000 berries and each child pay 50,000 berries. In Nami's family there were three people, Bellemere had to pay 100,000, and Nami and Nojiko had to pay 50,000 each bringing the total to 200,000 berries. Belle-M�re paid for the children, but didn't have enough left over for herself, and was thus killed.

Arlong then forced Nami to work for him when her natural talent for cartography was discovered. Therefore, Nami made a deal with Arlong: She'll help him only if she can buy Cocoyashi Village from him. Arlong agreed and made Nami a member of his crew. She carried the mark of Arlong's crew on her left shoulder (normally covered by her shirt) to seal the deal. After that, she sought out filthy, greedy pirates and took their ill-gotten loot and buried it at her hometown until she had the amount needed.

Nami But when she met Luffy, he and others proved to be her lone exception, simply because they weren't typical pirates. She and Luffy briefly crossed paths several times while Nami in the middle of her capers, but it isn't until their coincidental encounter with Buggy that they formally introduced themselves. It's also when Nami discovers just how different Luffy is, and not simply because he's a rubber man. For one thing, he seemed to have a purpose in life other than to steal and rob. He had a definite sense of honor and courage...and he actually saved her life. Grudgingly, she agreed to a loose alliance (as she put it) with Luffy's crew and to supply her much-needed navigation skills in Luffy's quest for the Grand Line. Besides, it'll do two other things for her. First, traveling will give her more chances to make more maps. Second, she'll probably run into more pirates and more loot to steal.

Nami She later ditched Luffy and gang once she had the amount needed, but she was devastated after she learned Arlong had no reason to keep his word when he revealed the location of her loot to corrupt Naval officer Nezumi. But Luffy and the other helped liberate Cocoyashi and Nami rejoins the gang for the long run. Though Nami prefers to use her wits and stealth to steal her way to the top, she isn't defenseless physically. She carries a staff that's normally strapped to her leg in three pieces. When she needs it, she can whip it out and snap it back together.

Nami lived in Kokoyashi Village.

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