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Portgaz D. AcePortgas D. Ace (ポートガス・D・エース)Portgaz D. Ace (One Piece)
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Portgas D. Ace (alternate spelling)Poutogasu D Eesu (romanization)
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Portgaz D. Trace (in the 4Kids and edited FUNimation dubs)
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Puma D. Ace (German name)
Ace HeatfistFire Fist Ace
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Hot Fist Ace
20 years old20 years old
Luffy's Older Brother, Whitebeard's 2nd-in-commandLuffy's Older Brother, Whitebeard's 2nd-in-command
"Now who's the strongest?""Now who's the strongest?"
One PieceOne Piece

Character Description: Portgaz D. Ace

Portgaz D. Ace is Luffy's older brother. He and Luffy tend to get into fights about who's the strongest, so they can be a little silly.

Ace is more muscular than Luffy (Luffy is all gummy and thin) and most of the time shows off about it.

Portgaz D. Ace rolls with the Whitebeard pirates, and is the second-in-command on the ship. And, Ace is somewhat of a narcoleptic (someone who just falls asleep without warning). This causes him to doze off in the strangest places during the strangest times. Ace has the powers of the 'Flare Flare' fruit which gives him the power to make and control heat.

Luffy sees his brother at a town near Alabasta.

Portgas D. Ace parted with Luffy at Yuba.

After Trace leaves Luffy and the rest of the Strawhat crew during the Alabasta segment of the series, Trace's mission, given to him by "Whitebeard", was to find Blackbeard who had killed a fellow crew mate. When he finds Blackbeard he finds out that the reason he killed a crew mate was to get the "devil" he had found (I don't know the exact name of the fruit but it's power gave him dark-like powers). They fight and at the end of the fight Trace is beaten and turned over to the marines and imprisoned at Impel Down, known as the Underwater prison. Then he is sentenced to death and Luffy must break into prison to rescue his brother.

Character Description: Portgaz D. Ace

Ace was first introduced in the Alabastan city of Nanohana sleeping in the spicebean restaurant. He left Fuchsia Village three years before Luffy and is the second in command of Whitebeard, Edward Newgate, who is his captain.

Portgas D. Ace has eaten the Devil Fruit Mera-Mera {Flare Flare}, a logia type fruit, giving him pyrokinetic abilities and his reputation as "Fire Fist Ace".

Ace is neither a friend of the Straw Hat pirates nor is he against them. He was in Alabasta to search for his former crew member Blackbeard, who used to be in Whitebeard's Crew. Blackbeard killed his crew and fled and now Ace is looking for him to kill him for his crimes.

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