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Vivi NefertariVivi NefertariVivi Nefertari (One Piece)
Miss WednesdayMiss Wednesday
16 years old (source: One Piece Blue Databook)16 years old (source: One Piece Blue Databook)
Light BlueLight Blue
Dark BrownDark Brown
95 lbs.43.1 kg
Undercover princess of Alabasta KingdomUndercover princess of Alabasta Kingdom
"I won't let you!""I won't let you!"
Karen Neill (4Kids dub), Gwen Lau (Funimation dub)Misa Watanabe
Episode 63 (anime), Chapter 103 (manga)Episode 63 (anime), Chapter 103 (manga)
One PieceOne Piece

Character Description: Vivi Nefertari

Vivi, or as she is known by her codename Miss Wednesday when Luffy and company first meet her, is the royal princess of Alabasta Kingdom. Due to the suspicious actions of a man named Crocodile and a criminal organization called Baroque Works, she has taken it upon herself to investigate the matter and try to find out what Crocodile really wants. She is joined by her trusted attendant Igaram as well as her spotted-bill duck Carue and together the three of them pose as members of the criminal group. Because she had to prove a convincing killer and capable of combat, Vivi trained herself to fight with weapons. She is partnered with Mr. 9 which means her rank is quite low. The closer to the 0 a pair of Officer Agents are, the stronger they are. Vivi and Mr. 9 have decent combat abilities but nothing near amazing.

Upon first meeting arriving in Whiskey Peak (Misty Peak in the U.S. version) Igaram posed as the town's mayor while Vivi posed as an assistant. After they got Luffy and everyone drunk and asleep, they planned to dispose of them. However, Zoro caught on to the plan and was wide awake when he heard everything. For a brief time, Vivi and Igaram fought against Zoro, but after some major plot twists, the crew learns who Vivi really is from Igaram. Igaram asks the Straw Hat Pirates to take Vivi to Alabasta Kingdom so she can put a stop to a major war being planned. Nami agrees only if she gets paid big for it.

Vivi and Carue are temporary members of the crew and though they may not contribute much towards combat, they add a certain charm to the crew as well as some knowledge of the world that Straw Hats know nothing about. When necessary, Vivi can defend herself in battle, and uses two lethal weapons called the Kujaki/Peacock Slashers to do it (a small sharp piece attached to a wire which Vivi spins with on a hoop around her pinky fingers). She has three attacks:

Seductive Perfume Dance: She only used this once and it was when she was fighting Zoro in Whiskey Peak. She does an enchanting belly dance and spreads a paralyzing aroma from a bottle of perfume. She never uses this attack again despite that it was effective on Zoro.

Kujaki Slasher: Vivi spins two of these and lashes out at her target with them. Considering the speed of the rotation, it is deadly.

Kujaki String Slasher: Vivi's strongest attack used MUCH later on in the Alabaster segment. Vivi flings out a Kujaki Slasher that shoots from an amazing distance and is capable of tearing a person's head off with it

Character Description: Vivi Nefertari

Nefertari Vivi is a compassionate, powerful princess who cares dearly about her country, Arabasta; though her first encounter with the Straw-Hat pirates didn't make it seem that way.

When Vivi first met the Straw-Hats, she was known as Miss Wednesday. She had an affiliation with Baroque Works, an underground organization. She was on the offensive, until Baroque works finally figured out that she was and undercover spy; along with her caretaker/mentor Igaram and her pet duck thing named Karoo.

When the Straw-Hats learned the news too, Nami insisted they take Vivi back to Arabasta (Nami wanted a reward for Vivi's safe return).

Though throughout their journey, the Straw-Hats discover that Arabasta is in great turmoil and has no money to pay for Vivi's safe return. The Straw-Hats (not even caring anymore about the reward) try to help Vivi against the evil leader of Baroque Works, Crocodile. It's going to take a lot of power to defeat this man... since he also has mysterious Devil-Fruit powers...

When the Straw-Hats had just met with Vivi and knew she was a princess, they discussed and asked questions about Baroque Works. Vivi stated the leader's name was Mr. 0; but the Straw-Hats wanted to know his real name. Vivi answered with "Anyone who knows Crocodile's name dies." Nice going. Now everyone knew Mr. 0's real name was Crocodile, and thus Nami begins to beat the snot from Vivi. Now they have to defeat Crocodile since Crocodile's little spies were watching and now are after Vivi and Straw-Hat pirates. ... AND they have to save Vivi's country from the evil Baroque Works leader!

Character Description: Vivi Nefertari

Vivi first met the Straw Hat Pirates when she was attacking a huge whale, Laboon. Instead of throwing her into the ocean, they kept her aboard on their ship and when she woke up, she escaped from their hands. While they arrived at Whiskey Peak, where they met Igarum (Egarum, Igarubpoi, Mr. 8) she met them again and almost injured Zoro.

As she traveled with them on the Going Merry, she got closer to them and when they reached Arabasta, they helped her with everything. Her childhood friend, Kohza, is the leader of the Rebel Army who she tried to stop invading the palace, unsuccessfully, but she managed to make Kohza hesitate for a moment.

She is last seen enjoying the Ukkari Hot Spring, ran by Goro, Toto's brother and Kohza's uncle.

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