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Karen OnoderaKaren Onodera (小野寺 樺恋,)Karen Onodera (Please Twins)
15 years old15 years old
Strange blueStrange blue
Maiku's twin sister (revealed in episode 11)Maiku's twin sister (revealed in episode 11)
Lara Jill MillerAi Shimizu
Episode 1Episode 1
Please TwinsOnegai Twins

Character Description: Karen Onodera

Initially, Karen is a shy and timid girl, mainly because she came from an all-girls school. Usually, her adoptive father won't let her journey alone; but after the news flash on TV, she was permitted to go to the house where she lived with Maiku and their mother over a decade ago.

Karen Onodera (Please Twins) She has the habit of fainting when surprised, saying "Nyu" just before losing consciousness. Just like Miina, she developed feelings for Maiku. That is, until she saw the abandoned house near them, where their mother's diary lay. And the truth was that, she is Maiku's twin sister! Two weeks after the revelation (final episode), she became somewhat over-possessive of Maiku, telling Miina that she wants to be pampered a little more by her brother Maiku. The truth: she thought that, if Maiku and Miina were to be lovers, family might just be Maiku's second priority, and that Miina be his first. After this, she would eventually support their relationship as lovers.

When she was little, she was dropped at some orphanage with a photo of were she used to live as a baby. Karen was adopted into a family which had their own business. Due to circumstances, she was allowed to search for her long lost family. When she was still at her adoption parents, she attended an all girls school and had never really been in touch with any boys. When she gets rather exited about something, her face turns all red and she faints a lot. She likes dresses, is the quiet type and somewhat rather sincere with everyone.

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