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Character Profile: Azalie

USA Info
Japanese Info
Azalie Azalie Azalie (Sorcerous Stabber Orphen)
Bloody August Bloody August
· · ·
The Demon Sorceress The Demon Sorceress
Human Human
Female Female
25 years 25 years
Violet Violet
Red, brown(when inhabited Childman) Red, brown(when inhabited Childman)
5'5" 166 cm
123.5 lbs 56 kg
Type AB Type AB
Sorceress turned into a dragon Sorceress turned into a dragon
Christine M. Auten Emi Shinohara
Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Majutsushi Orphen

Character Description: Azalie

Azalie was an orphan, as was Krylancelo, and both of them were recruited for the Tower of Fang. From the beginning, Azalie proved to be a very skilled student who rose quickly in the ranks. She became the subject of admiration and longing of many of the young men in the tower (including Krylancelo).

But then, at some point in time, her devotion to her studies turned into an obsession. The elders thought it was just her genius running wild, but there are other, subtler reasons for her obsession. She wanted to become the best, the brightest, the best sorceress the Tower of Fang had ever seen. In her striving to become more powerful, she secretly held onto a magical artifact she and Krylancelo had recovered from a deserted isle: the Sword of Baltanders.

The Bloody August For reasons unknown, she attempted to test the sword's power on herself, and this was when the trouble began. The magic of the sword transformed her into a giant dragon. Shocked by the transformation, she flew away. Years later, the presence of the Dragon in August would lend the dragon her infamous name: "Bloody August". The elders abandoned her for dead and sent out the best sorcerers in the Tower to dispatch the dragon. Childman (Azalie and Krylancelo's master) was himself charged with destroying the dragon.

Eventually, Bloody August determined the location of the Sword of Baltanders. Krylancelo (now Orphen) tried to plea with Azalie to come back to her senses, since the sword alone wouldn't help her. She ignored him and tried the sword again, without success. Disillusioned and attacked by sorcerers from the Tower of Fang, she began what appears to be a wrath of vengeance against the Tower.

The true reasons for her actions past and present are shrouded in mystery and much more complex than originally thought, mostly because she hadn't opened her heart to many people before her transformation, but it is her heart that is the driving force behind her actions, driving her to rage and almost to insanity. It is Orphen's ardent wish to transform Azalie back into a human, before the Tower of Fang kills her and before she loses herself completely. Though she may now know it, Orphen is not the only sorcerer wishing to save her, though the means of her other benefactor are much more obscure.

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