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Character Profile: Cleao Everlasting

USA Info
Japanese Info
Cleao EverlastingCleao EverlastingCleao Everlasting (Sorcerous Stabber Orphen)
16 years old16 years old
5'1"155 cm
97 lbs44 kg
Type AType A
Orphen's partnerOrphen's partner
Shelley Calene-BlackMayumi Iizuka
Sorcerous Stabber OrphenMajutsushi Orphen

Character Description: Cleao Everlasting

Cleao is the younger of two sisters who live with their mother in a beautiful house in the outskirts of Totokanta. Her journey with Orphen actually began about a year before the story begins. She had meen taking a moonlight swim in the lake in the nearby Ruins of Kohan when she looked up at the tower. Atop it stood a young man looking out into the night. She became smitten with this stoic figure.

Her perception alters somewhat when she comes home from boarding school. She soon discovers that someone is watching her from the outside. To learn that it's the same man she saw a year ago sours her perceptions. She soon realizes that it wasn't her he was trying to observe, but rather a sword in the family's possession.

None of the Everlastings had realized the potential danger of the Sword of Baltanders...until the dragon Bloody August came. Orphen explained that it was the sword the dragon was after. After the dragon was driven away, it tried to kidnap her and her sister, Mariabelle, in an attempt to get the sword. The dragon gets the sword, but then abandons it when it doesn't work. In the chaos, the sword is stolen by her housekeepers, Volcan and Dortin. So when Orphen and Majic take off after the sword, she stows along for the ride. The sword was given to her by her late father, just before he died, so she wants to recover the sword, or so she claims.

The reason for her journey, though, is Orphen. She's having a bit of a hard time pinning down his personality, but as he opens up bit by bit, she becomes devoted to helping him. Part of this is the crush she had on him since that night the year before, part of it is genuine compassion and a desire to help this woman Azalie, and part of it is a peevish sense that he's not gonna get very far without someone putting him up short at times. Slowly but surely, Cleao and Orphen begin to mesh up and form a working partnership.

Though she doesn't employ it that much, Cleao was in the fencing club in her boarding school, so she can handle a blade. She seems to have no difficulty wielding the Sword of Baltanders.

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