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Character Profile: Orphen

USA Info
Japanese Info
Orphen Orphen Orphen (Sorcerous Stabber Orphen)
Krylancelo Finrandi(his original name, before he changed it) Krylancelo Finrandi(his original name, before he changed it)
· · ·
Master(to Majic) Master(to Majic)
Human Human
Male Male
20 years 20 years
Brown Brown
Brown Brown
5'7" 171 cm
134.5 lbs 61 kg
Type O Type O
Renegade Sorcerer Renegade Sorcerer
David Matranga Shoutarou Morikubo
Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Majutsushi Orphen

Character Description: Orphen

Once upon a time, this young man was an orphaned boy named Krylancelo. The closest thing he had to family was Azalie, who cared for him like a sister or even a mother. The two of them were scouted by the Tower of Fang, a premier institute for dark sorcery. Thus Krylancelo began his training, and with encouragement from Azalie, he eventually became a sorcerer, earning the distinctive fang amulet that adorns every sorcerer from the Tower of Fang.

One day, he and Azalie were sent to the Isle of Baltanders to seek out mystical artifacts. When they did, they recovered an enchanted sword: the Sword of Baltanders. This was when the trouble began, because soon after they returned, Krylancelo was shocked to learn that Azalie was testing the power of the sword...on herself. The magic of the sword transformed her into a huge dragon that would become known as the Bloody August. The last thing she said before she transformed was, "Help me, Krylancelo!"

The Tower of Fang tried to cover up the story, giving up Azalie for dead...but Krylancelo disagreed. He became angry with the tower for turning its back on her, and with that he gave up his old identity, along with his amulet. He took up the amulet Azalie left behind and from then on became the wandering sorcerer Orphen.

For five years, Orphen has traveled the world, searching for a means of restoring Azalie to her former self. Lately, though, he has not been traveling alone. He has taken on an apprentice named Majic, with whom he holds promise (though he rarely admits to that). In addition, the young lady Cleao is along for the journey, a lady who he'll come to rely upon as a trusted partner.

Orphen is himself one of the most powerful sorcerers around. He has a wide variety of spells and incantations he has learned from the Tower of Fang, including Sword of Light (an energy lance shot from his hands), Towers of Heaven (teleportation), Sword of the Descending Demon (a sword made of magical energy), and so on.

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