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Character Profile: Kanako Kasugazaki

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kanako Kasugazaki Kanako Kasugazaki Kanako Kasugazaki (Ouran High School Host Club)
Kanako Kasugazaki (Ouran High School Host Club)
Princess Kasuga  
Human Human
Female Female
About 16-17 years old About 16-17 years old
Brown Brown
Green Green
About 5'4"-5'3" About 163 cm-160 cm
Slim(Not sure on her exact weight)  
'Host Hopper', Fangirl 'Host Hopper', Fangirl
'Ooh aren't these teacups lovely?'  
Episode 2 Episode 2
Ouran High School Host Club Ouran High School Host Club

Character Description: Kanako Kasugazaki

Kanako makes her first appearance early on in the series. She is known to have the 'The Host Hopping Disease' (meaning that she chooses different hosts very often), although she is engaged to another man- who sometimes visits the Host Club to bring them their new tableware. She currently has a soft spot for Haruhi (not knowing she is actually female). She previously was interested in Tamaki, and he appears rather bitter that she likes Haruhi (his crush), instead of him.

Kanako has a rather strange obsession- for teacups. She can name many of them and speaks of them rather lovingly. Whenever she is very happy, a recurring scene occurs in which she is sat in a spinning teacup, smiling. It seems that when she isn't so happy, the teacups stop spinning and the background is dull. She denies her love for teacups when questioned about it by Haruhi, as they remind her of her fiancé. She gets very embarrassed in that scene and leaves, squirming.

Fangirls generally tend to scream lots and act very girlish. Kanako could be classed as a fangirl, though she is much calmer than the other fangirls. Instead of screaming obsessively, Kanako gets embarrassed and blushes instead. Her best description would be: a teacup-loving, calm fangirl who changes her mind over boys very often- mainly to make her fiancé jealous.

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