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Kaoru HitachiinKaoru Hitachiin (常陸院 馨)Kaoru Hitachiin (Ouran High School Host Club)
16 years old16 years old
Light BrownLight Brown
5'9"175 cm
Type BType B
Hikaru's younger twin brotherHikaru's younger twin brother
"OK, lets play a game! It's called...""OK, lets play a game! It's called..."
Grey AyresYoshinori Fujita
Ouran High School Host ClubOuran High School Host Club

Character Description: Kaoru Hitachiin

Kaoru and Hikaru are identical twins that attend Ouran High School. Their uniform is a lilac blazer, white shirt, black pants, and a black tie with one purple stripe down the middle. They come from a wealthy family, as their mother is a top fashion designer and their father is a travelling businessman.

Of the twins, Kaoru is a little younger and a little more innocent than his brother, Hikaru. In acts of making their customers happy, as their role to make all girls happy and amused, Kaoru and his brother put up their incestful looking acts of yaoi to make them go in awe. It's usually that Kaoru would end up saying or doing something clumsy on purpose (sometimes) and his brother would go to heal that problem with a kiss on the finger or just hugs and comments of the fake (maybe) night before. But Kaoru is also a bit smarter and not as possessive, he has even set Hikaru on a date with Haruhi once to try and configure his brother's feelings. Although together, these twins are the Little Devil Type and love to be mischievous together! It's hard to tell them apart.

When the twins were younger, they never let anyone into their 'world' because no one could honestly tell them apart and it upset them. They kept to themselves until Tamaki offered them to help him create the Host Club. Now, they're always outgoing and love to torture Tamaki by playing with their respected "toy", Haruhi.

Character Description: Kaoru Hitachiin

Kaoru Hitachiin and his older, identical twin brother Hikaru are the "Little Devil Type" of the Host Club and are in the same class as Haruhi. They awe the girls with their 'brotherly love' scenarios, which consist of borderline incestuous lines and poses.

Hikaru and Kaoru are as close as they can be for not being attached at the hip, and before joining the Host Club they stayed in their own world of "Us" vs. "Them". One of the games they've played since grade school is the "Which one is Hikaru-kun" game, where the player has to identify which of the brothers is Hikaru. The pair are easily bored and enjoy manipulating people for entertainment, especially Tamaki (by flirting with Haruhi).

Haruhi is one of the only people they've met who can distinguish the two apart (to make it easier, their hair is parted oppositely, Hikaru on his right and Kaoru on his left). Kaoru is the more cool and level-headed of the pair, and turns the pranking on his brother in episode 16 by faking sick so Hikaru would take his place on escorting Haruhi around town.

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