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Kyoya OhtoriKyouya Ootori (鳳 鏡夜)Kyoya Ohtori (Ouran High School Host Club)
17 years old17 years old
5'10"178 cm
Type ABType AB
Vice PresidentVice President
"Add That To Your Debt."
J. Michael TatumMatsukaze Masaya
Episode 1 (anime), Chapter 1 (manga)Episode 1 (anime), Chapter 1 (manga)
Ouran High School Host ClubOuran High School Host Club

Character Description: Kyoya Ohtori

Kyoya Ohotori is the vice president of the Host Club, founded by his best friend Tamaki Suoh, who is the president. Kyoya is the one who basically runs the club, paying for expenses, buying costumes, and balancing the checkbooks. Kyoya is sly, clever, and mysterious, and will use others as he sees fit. As he says, "use whatever is at hand, be it friend or foe."

He has a very forward way of explaining things. Take, for example, the beach incident with Haruhi. During this incident, two thugs (or pimps, whatever you want to call them) came and tried to attack two girls. Haruhi decided to take them on although they were two guys and she was just one girl. They started to come toward her although she was on a cliff/rock. They told her that it was stupid of her and that with such a girlie face, she shouldn't try to be a hero. She ended up falling off of the rock and Tamaki jumped into the ocean after her. When he came up he began to scold her, and demanded to know why she would do something so foolish. She said that she wanted to help them, even though she was against guys. She didn't understand why he was so upset, which caused him to say that he didn't want to talk to her.

Later while eating, the subject was brought back up and made Tamaki go to bed early. They said that she should apologize for making Tamaki worry. She realized that was what Tamaki was so upset about. She had been a total glutton at dinner and her stomach started to hurt really bad. Hikaru and Kaoru told her to go to a restroom. She came out and realized that she had gone into Kyouya's hotel room. She apologized for going into a stranger's room (not noticing that it was Kyouya). He told her that it was rude of her to say that he was a stranger. She apologized for making him worry about her. He replied that he hadn't been worried about her but it was troublesome getting the twins to quit beating the thugs up. He then stood up and walked toward Haruhi and turned off the lights.

She questioned him about it, and in response he threw the towel that was around his neck, and pushed her on to the bed. He landed on top of her, and she was momentarily confused. She then said that it was not Kyouya-like of him and that he wouldn't get any merits for making love to her. He said I guess not and he got off of her and stood up. She continued. She said that he was transmitting the feelings of what Tamaki was feeling, and what could have happened to her. Just then, Tamaki walked in the room asking for sun-tan lotion. He asked him why the lights were off, and why he didn't have a shirt on while Haruhi was in the room....

On another note, you should not awake Kyoya lest you fear for your life, as he has a very strong temper when it comes to waking up early. In one episode, Tamaki wanted to go to an expo for commoners so he woke Kyouya early in the morning, and suddenly Kyoya became a "Low blood temper Evil Lord"! But he has a kind side as well, such as when he helped an old lady (apparently the wife of an Electronics Company Owner) that was being fooled by a store owner with the fake vases.

Kyoya is the third son of his family, trying to prove himself to his father so that he can inherit the family business, which includes hospitals and other medical establishments.

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