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USA Info
Japanese Info
HildaHilda (Outlaw Star)
"Hot Ice" Hilda
Human with cybernetic enhancementsHuman with cybernetic enhancements
About 23 yearsAbout 23 years
Pale golden yellow (only one eye)Pale golden yellow (only one eye)
5'9"180 cm
132 lbs60 kg
Type ABType AB
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (alias: Melissa Williamson)Toshiko Fujita
Episode 1, "Outlaw World"Episode 1, "Outlaw World"
Outlaw StarSeihou Bukyou Outlaw Star

Character Description: Hilda

Throughout the frontier, there are a few legends whose stories are told among the Outlaws. "Hot Ice" Hilda is one of them: "Hot" for her beauty and "Ice" for her ability to perform under pressure. FOr several years, she has roamed among the stars on her own terms, her only real friends being the outlaws of Blue Heaven and her spaceship Outlaw Star.

She has not gone though all her adventures unscathed, though. She's lost one eye and had to have her arm replaced, but she had been able to escape every adventure she had been in...until now.

For reasons she won't say, she has a score to settle with the Kei pirates, and she decides to get payback by pulling off one of the biggest heists in history: stealing both a prototype starship and the bio-android that was to be the key to its operation, both being built by the Space Forces with funds from a Kei Pirate front. She hid the ship in an asteroid and headed for Sentinel III (under the name Rachel Sweet) with the bio-android. In the attempt, however, her cybernetic arm was damaged, and she needed both repairs and a bodyguard to give her time to finish the job, so she contacts Starwind & Hawking, requesting "an escort to her farm" and some high-tech parts (to fix her arm). It's only later, when the Kei Pirates begin to close in, that she reveals her true identity to Gene and Jim. But stuck as they were, all they could do was keep helping her and eventually escape aboard Horus.

But the Kei pirates are a sneaky lot. They manage to sneak a Tao tracker spell on Horus and follow her to the asteroid where she left the stolen XGP. Though Gene is able to eventually get the XGP activated and battle-ready, Hilda is unable to join them as she is forced adrift and getting lost in the gravity well of a nearby star. But she leaves a parting gift. With her final words, "Outlaws never go down easy," she activates a self-destruct and takes out the pursuing Kei pirates, giving Gene the chance to escape with Melfina and the XGP.

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