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Character Profile: Iraga

USA Info
Japanese Info
Iraga Iraga Iraga (Outlaw Star)
Lycanthrope(werewolf) Lycanthrope(werewolf)
Female Female
Mid 20's Mid 20's
Black Black
Yellow Yellow
Assassin, member of the Anten Seven Assassin, member of the Anten Seven
Barbara Goodson Chiyako Shibahara
Episode 15, "The Seven Emerge" Episode 15, "The Seven Emerge"
Outlaw Star Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star

Character Description: Iraga

The second of the Anten Seven, Iraga is a lycanthrope... a being capable of transforming into a werewolf in order to kill her opponents. Defying Hazanko - mostly because of her own ego – Iraga took part in the Universe's Strongest Man competition's female division as part of the Hopo Shadow Boxing Team. She had easily defeated the defending champion, Reiko Ando, in the semifinals – which inadvertently saved Fred Luo from the obligation of marrying her – and advanced into the finals against Firecat... who was really Aisha Clanclan in disguise, because Ctarl-ctarl were banned from the completion because of a bad experience the promoters had with a Ctarl-ctarl competitor. Aisha had overcame the real Firecat, stuffed her into a locker (alive), and took her place in the contest.

However, before the final match was to begin, she saw Gene Starwind in Aisha's corner. Restraining herself, Iraga then took on Aisha... with the intention of killing her. However, Aisha had fought back, taking on the assassin – as well as exposing her for what she really was. Once exposed, Iraga changed into her wolf form and tried to attack Gene, but Aisha – not willing to end her bout – took advantage of the three full moons over Heifong and transformed into her white tiger form. The resulting battle between the two destroyed the arena – but Aisha emerged triumphant, killing the assassin... and winning the championship.

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