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Japanese Info
Twilight Suzuka
21 years21 years
5'10"179 cm
Type AType A
Professional AssassinProfessional Assassin
"It isn't sunset yet. How many will you see before you die?"
Wendee LeeSayuri
Episode 6, "The Beautiful Assassin"Episode 6, "The Beautiful Assassin"
Outlaw StarSeihou Bukyou Outlaw Star

Character Description: Suzuka

Suzuka is one of the most reputed assassins in the frontier. She is stunningly beautiful and stunningly effective. Dressed in traditional Japanese robes and wielding a wooden bokuto (as such, weapon scanners cannot detect her weapon), she looks unassuming at first, but Suzuka has mastered the art of channeling her inner energy. With this energy, she can slice through her victims with ease and defend herself from bodyguards. They call her "Twilight" because it is her custom to end a life as the day ends: she kills by the light of the setting sun.

She had originally been contracted to kill Fred Luo, but by coincidence, Gene was also at Fred's office that day looking to outfit his recent acquisition, the Outlaw Star, with weapons and ammunition. He stumbles upon the assassination attempt and, realizing what's happening, takes action. Taken by surprise, Suzuka is forced to escape. Thinking that Fred was under guard, she decides to go after Gene next, but Gene anticipates the move and draws her out into the countryside, where some unconventional tactics strip Suzuka of both her bokuto...and her belt! Disarmed and disrobed, Gene extracts a promise from her: that before she can kill Fred Luo, she must kill Gene first.

But then, when Gene and company come under attack from the Kei Pirates, Suzuka surprisingly comes to their aid and then agrees to go with them aboard the Outlaw Star. She says she finds the crew interesting, but her real reasons for coming along are more personal. Suzuka has a score to settle with the Kei Pirates. One of the Anten Seven killed her family and plagiarized her face, and she wants payback. In fact, she has developed a very special technique...just for the day she confronts her family's killer, Hitoriga.

Character Description: Suzuka

Suzuka is an Ultra A class assassin, and is widely known for killing her targets as soon as the sun rises, this is the reason for her nickname, Twilight. Suzuka was originally hired to kill Fred Luo but was delayed by Gene, so she left because sundown had passed.

Afterwards Fred hired Gene as his bodyguard and Gene made a deal with Suzuka not to kill Fred until she had killed Gene. Sundown came the next day when Gene and Suzua fought and Gene beat Suzuka in a short but fierce fight. Suzuka joined the Outlaw Star crew to settle the score with the Kei Pirates who killed her family and are now looking for her to finish the job.

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