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Ada VessaliusEida VessaliusAda Vessalius (Pandora Hearts)
18 years old (born june 2)18 years old (born june 2)
Type AType A
"This is the real me!"
Karoo Fukuhara
Episode 1Episode 1
Pandora HeartsPandora Hearts

Character Description: Ada Vessalius

Ada is Oz Vessalius's little sister. After Oz was sent to the Abyss, 10 years had past and she began attending Latowidge to become a prefect. She has two cats, Dinah and Snowdrop, who are with her all the time. You later find out that Ada gives "Raven" his hat and that she has found someone she likes at her school.

Character Description: Ada Vessalius

Ada Vessalius is a member of the Vessalius Dukedom born to Xai Vessalius and Rachel Cecile who is also currently acting as a student attending Lutwidge Academy. After Oz was cast into the Abyss during his Coming of Age Ceremony, Ada was desperate to get back the elder brother who she had always looked up to, going so far as to take up the occult in hopes of finding a way to rescue Oz. Though Ada was unsuccessful, Oz managed to escape on her own, and so Ada was reunited at last with her long lost brother. Since Oz's release, Ada has been dating Vincent Nightray, unaware that he'd been using her so that he could one day steal the Vessalius Key from her uncle, Oscar Vessalius. However, the more time Vincent spends with Ada, the more he grows to care for her, which is significantly most prominent during Isla Yura's Feast.

Since then, Ada has learned from her father than Oz is actually the fearsome Chain, B-Rabbit, and has been dormant within Jack Vessalius' body for more than 100 years. Though Ada now knows that her true brother died long before she was even born, Ada refuses to shun Oz as her father does. Unfortunately, when Xai leaves Ada in the care of the Baskerville Clan, Noise intervenes and knocks Ada unconscious, kidnapping her in order to use her as a bargaining chip. When Noise is successful, she drags Ada to Sablier to be killed in front of Vincent so that Noise can show him that Ada isn't like the Baskervilles and so Vincent should give up on her. Fortunately, Ada is saved by Oz before Noise can achieve her goals, joining Oz, Alice and Gilbert Nightray as they journey into the past to save the world. Here, though Ada's influence is weak, she manages to get through to Vincent and draw him off of his self loathing that was leading to his destruction, thereby saving the man she's grown to love.

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