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LacieLacie (レイシ)Lacie (Pandora Hearts)
Unknown (appears around 25 years old) (born January 17th)Unknown (appears around 25 years old) (born January 17th)
Dark BrownDark Brown
About 165-5'7"About 165-170cm
About 140 lbsAbout 63.5 kg
Type OType O
"Goodbye, Jack..."
Manga chapter 37Manga chapter 37
Pandora HeartsPandora Hearts

Character Description: Lacie

Lacie was a member of the Baskerville Clan, born as a Child of Ill Omen as a result of a distortion in power from The Core of the Abyss that funneled through Lacie's elder brother, Oswald. Destined to one day be dropped into the Abyss by her brother one he succeeded their master, Levi, Lacie was initially depressed, a feeling which only escalated when she learned about The Core. Wanting to stop The Core from always feeling so lonely in the dark heart of the Abyss, Lacie agreed to allow Levi to impregnate her prior to being dropped into the Abyss. This made it so that Lacie could give birth in the Abyss and provide a child to act as a vessel for The Core in order to allow the Baskervilles to influence and change the way the power of the Abyss is handled. Until then, Lacie tried to help The Core in her own way, diving into the heart of the Abyss with twin black rabbit dolls - leaving one for The Core while she took the other back to the 1st Dimension - giving life to Oz in the process.

Years later, Lacie encountered a young man in the streets of Sablier named Jack Vessalius, and after spending the day together - Lacie managed to convince Jack that the world was a beautiful place and that he should strive to survive rather than throwing his life away. After eight years, Jack reunited with Lacie unexpectedly with the help of Miranda Barma - the two becoming closer than ever as Oswald's final Succession Ceremony drew nearer, to the point where Lacie developed feelings of her own toward Jack.

As planned, a pregnant Lacie was ensnared by the Chains of Condemnation, and dragged into the darkness of the Abyss. Here, Lacie unexpectedly gave birth to twins, with one being taken as The Core's vessel just as Levi had intended. Lacie then named the twins Alice and Alice (The Intention of the Abyss), singing to them in her final moments before her existence was destroyed. The twins aged instantaneously thanks to the influence of the Abyss, allowing The Intention to save a small fragment of Lacie's being that contained her thoughts and feelings for Jack from the darkness of the Abyss. Later, The Intention gave Oz this fragment of Lacie so that he could send it to his 1st Dimension body for Jack to experience - unaware that such an act would inspire Jack to instigate the Tragedy of Sablier. With the last fragment of Lacie absorbed by Jack - Lacie ceased to exist completely, forever wiped from the world.

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