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Character Profile: Oz Vessalius

USA Info
Japanese Info
Oz Vessalius Oz Vessalius Oz Vessalius (Pandora Hearts)
Oz Vessalius (Pandora Hearts)
B-rabbit B-rabbit
Chain Chain
Male Male
25 years old(appears 15)(born December 26) 25 years old(appears 15)(born December 26)
Blonde Blonde
Green Green
5'5" 164 cm
Type O Type O
B-Rabbit B-Rabbit
"I want to know what it is, this "sin" they say I've committed."  
  Junko Minagawa
Episode 1 Episode 1
Pandora Hearts Pandora Hearts

Character Description: Oz Vessalius

Oz is the main protagonist of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts. Originally given life unintentionally by Lacie, Oz began his journey as a Chain with a joint consciousness spread between twin black rabbit dolls. Unfortunately, one of Oz's bodies was destroyed, and his second body was transformed by the Intention of the Abyss into a powerhouse Chain known as B-Rabbit. From here, Oz formed an Illegal Contract with Jack Vessalius and was forced to sever the Chains of the World and slaughter numerous people. In the end, Oz's guilt ended when Alice committed suicide and stole his powers and body as a disembodied soul, leaving Oz as a mere soul existing in Jack's body.

As Jack's soul was damaged during the Tragedy of Sablier and put into a cycle of reverse rebirth, Oz was left without any memories or knowledge of his true self. Jack soon set things up so that Oz would be taken into the Vessalius Dukedom and eventually regain his powers by manipulating Xai Vessalius. Thus, Oz became Oz Vessalius while Jack's soul faded into near nonexistence, and lived a rather normal sheltered life as a Vessalius. However, Jack had orchestrated it so that when Oz turned 15 that Xai would enlist the help of the Baskerville Clan and drop Oz into the Abyss, where he would meet Alice once again and form a new Contract with her in order to reunite Oz with his powers.

Since his escape, Oz's only wish has been to uncover the reason why he was dropped into the Abyss by searching for Alice's lost memories. Now, Oz has regained his memories, powers and has once again put the world on the brink of disaster, all because of Jack's meddling. With Oswald's attempt to travel back in time in order to change the past and save the world, Oz has vowed to stop Oswald by following him back in time; not willing to let Oswald destroy the world he's known even if it means the world's destruction.

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