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ZweiZweiZwei (Pandora Hearts)
About 129-131 years old (physically 13) (source: Wikia and Japanese Wikipedia) (born June 25)About 129-131 years old (physically 13) (source: Wikia and Japanese Wikipedia) (born June 25)
5'7" (source: Japanese Wikipedia169cm (source: Japanese Wikipedia
About 121.3 lbs (source: estimated based on her height)About 55 kg (source: estimated based on her height)
Type ABType AB
"I'll have to destroy you!""I'll have to destroy you!"
Ryo Hirohashi
Episode 1Episode 1
Pandora HeartsPandora Hearts

Character Description: Zwei

Noise was a member of the Baskerville Clan, with a Contract with the Chain, Duldee. Unfortunately, as an aberration among the Baskervilles, Noise lacked the ability to properly control powers from the Abyss, thus resulting in chaos. This chaos wasn't just on the physical plane however, as her Contract started to crack Noise's heart and result in the loss of her memories. As Noise even forgets her name, she received a new name and identity from her friend Vincent during their second interaction more than 100 years ago. As a means of fixing the strains put on Noise's heart, Duldee used her power to implant a puppet-like split personality called Duldum in her targets to do the same with Noise; which Noise called Echoes. Though the Echoes did what they could, the cracks would still form, and so they'd have to gather and maintain the broken pieces of Noise's heart that she couldn't re-obtain, while Noise took to imitating Duldee and Vincent's personalities in order to fill the gaps in her heart. Sadly, this meant that Noise was unknowingly fulfilling Duldee's malicious wishes rather than her own.

More recently, Noise had taken to her own regime, allowing Duldee to move in after Noise's heart was forced into so much more trauma that it had nearly shattered completely. Duldee operated Noise like another one of her marionettes in order to fully destroy Noise's heart so she could take Noise's body as her own; only for the most recent Echo to finally stand up against Duldee and neutralize her so that Noise's heart could be restored. Though Noise now had full recollection of her past, the strain that her body had been put through was too great, resulting in both Noise and Echo's inactivity.

Character Description: Zwei

Echo was created in Noise as a disposable personality by Duldee. She has a contract with the chain Duldee for more than 100 years. When in Sablier, Noise wants to kill Vincent but then remembered how she acted like an older sister to him. She was the Baskerville who sent Oz to the abyss at his coming of age ceremony.

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