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PaprikaPaprika (パプγƒͺγ‚«)Paprika
1 Movie1 Movie
Oct 7, 2006 (New York Film Festival), May 25, 2007 (Theatrical release)November 25, 2006
Sony Pictures EntertainmentMadhouse/Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan)
Yasutaka Tsutsui (original novel)
Satoshi Kon
Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Psychological, MysteryFantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Psychological, Mystery
Dr. Atsuko ChibaDr. Atsuko Chiba
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· · ·
Dr. Kosaku Tokita βŠ• Dr. Kosaku Tokita βŠ•
· · ·
Dr. Morio Osanai βŠ• Dr. Morio Osanai βŠ•
· · ·
Dr. Seijiro Inui βŠ• Dr. Seijiro Inui βŠ•
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Characters: Paprika

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Dr. Atsuko Chiba Dr. Atsuko Chiba HIM βŠ• HIM βŠ•
Paprika Paprika Mr. Jinnai βŠ• Mr. Jinnai βŠ•
Dr. Kosaku Tokita βŠ• Dr. Kosaku Tokita βŠ• Mr. Kuga βŠ• Mr. Kuga βŠ•
Dr. Morio Osanai βŠ• Dr. Morio Osanai βŠ• Nobue Kakimoto βŠ• Nobue Kakimoto βŠ•
Dr. Seijiro Inui βŠ• Dr. Seijiro Inui βŠ• Pierrot βŠ• Pierrot βŠ•
Dr. Torataro Shima βŠ• Dr. Torataro Shima βŠ• Toshimi Konakawa βŠ• Toshimi Konakawa βŠ•
Hajime Himuro βŠ• Hajime Himuro βŠ• Yasushi Tsumura βŠ• Yasushi Tsumura βŠ•

Description: Paprika

From acclaimed director Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue, Paranoia Agent) comes his latest brain-twisting mindtrip, Paprika. Dr. Atsuko Chiba is a psychoanalyst with a special secret. She is capable of entering peoples dreams in order to aid patients psychologically. Under her alter ego as the cute psychological detective Paprika, she uses a special machine called the "DC Mini" to travel and explore other peoples thoughts.

However, the machine isn't perfect, if the DC Mini isn't used properly, the subject can become insane from the side effects. Her worst fears come true when her project becomes the target of sabotage, and her workers all psychologically affected thanks to a stolen prototype of the DC Mini. Now Atsuko/Paprika must investigate and find out who is behind this plot, and put a stop to it before more people become affected.

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