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Anime Profile: Papuwa

USA Info
Japanese Info
Papuwa Papuwa(パプワ) Papuwa
26 TV episodes 26 TV episodes
Sept. 30, 2003 – 30 Mar. 2004 Sept. 30, 2003 – 30 Mar. 2004
ADV Films Nippon Animation
  Ami Shibata
  Kenichi Nishida
Comedy Comedy
Chappy Chappy
· · ·
Kotaro Kotaro
· · ·
Liquid Liquid
· · ·
Papuwa Papuwa

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Anime Description: Papuwa

Papuwa is an anime about a boy named Kotaro who awakens on Papuwa Island, but he lost all of his memories. Kotaro actually has very strong powers that he cannot control, so Liquid, fearing that knowing his own name would bring back his memories and his ability to use his powers, changed the name that was on Kotaro's underwear by changing the Hiragana for "Ko" to "Ro".

Papuwa is a crazy comedy anime that can be compared to Bobobo-bobobobo, but only SLIGHTLY more serious. Key word is SLIGHTLY. Among the many wacky characters, there is a transvestite fish, a hermaphroditic snail, a chupacabra, a sea otter that is obsessed with drumming on random surfaces, and a six foot tall, muscular bearded woman who has a crush on Liquid and often ends up severely injuring him due to her strength.

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