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Yukari HayasakaYukari HayasakaYukari Hayasaka (Paradise Kiss)
Caroline (by Miwako and Isabella)Caroline (by Miwako and Isabella)
18 years old18 years old
5'8"173 cm
127.9 lbs58 kg
Student at Seiei Academy, becoming a modelStudent at Seiei Academy, becoming a model
Episode 1 (anime), chapter 1 (manga)Episode 1 (anime), chapter 1 (manga)
Paradise KissParadise Kiss

Character Description: Yukari Hayasaka

When we first meet Yukari she is a staunch girl who only wants to get into college. She always has her nose in a book and is crushing after her classmate Hiroyuki. On the inside we find out she is unsure of herself. Her mother is an "education-mama" meaning she wants her children to get into the best schools possible and attend Tokyo University (the most prestigious college in Japan!). This has rubbed off on Yukari who tries to go well-beyond her limits (only to disappoint her mother). Yukari's brother, Suguru, on the other hand, is a child prodigy, leaving Yukari to only be yelled at (or slapped) for what she can't do.

All this changes after meeting the ParaKiss crew. Although she is reluctant to join them at first, she realizes that they have one thing that she lacks- happiness. They are happy to create clothes while she is miserable studying. She begins to fall in love with Johji and even goes so far to lose her virginity to him. But this world of fashion and "paradise" isn't exactly going over so well with her mother. She runs away for a brief period of time (to live with Johji). She also considers dropping out of high school and skipping all of her finals. Thanks to Miwako's connections (and her older sister Mikako's help) Yukari lands a job at a modeling agency, but Yukari's mother doesn't think she will go very far. She slaps her for becoming involved with the students and for returning home late. Yukari doesn't listen and helps the ParaKiss crew land runner-up in the senior fashion show.

Yukari can be very bitchy and selfish at times. Just as soon as she thinks she's understood Johji he does something else to confuse her. When his former classmate comes to visit, Yukari gets very upset and does not want Johji to be near Kaori. But when Kaori leaves back to London, Yukari hates herself for treating Kaori horribly.

I'm like a doll... that you put in nice clothes and display. But only garbage comes out when I open my mouth. So I have to sit here and take the humiliation. Book 5, Chapter 42, Page 62

In the end Yukari becomes a famous model and does NOT stay with Johji. Although she wants to when she and the ParaKiss crew meet on New Year's at a temple, she knows that she cannot because their goals are too different. The manga ending is rather famous, or infamous, I should say. The guy and the girl do not get together, rather Yukari ends up with Hiroyuki, who is still pining after Miwako. Yukari has neither spoken to Johji nor bothered to contact him or see what he's doing.

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