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Japanese Info
Human ghostHuman ghost
About 73-80 years oldAbout 73-80 years old
With mustacheWith mustache
Dead, ghostDead, ghost
"Nonsense, a child like that is too young to die..."
Episode 8Episode 8
Paranoia AgentMousou Dairnin

Character Description: Fuyubachi

Fuyubachi is an old man who groups up with Zebra and Kamome on the internet and they meet up to commit suicide. They all wear Maromi backpacks so they can pick each other out in the crowd when they meet. He waits with Zebra wondering were Kamome is, and is shocked to kind that Kamome is a little girl. They run away hoping to leave her behind, but unknown to them she follows them to the broken down building.

In the building they breath in large amounts of carbon monoxide and taking large doses of sleeping pills before laying down only to find Kamome sitting on a box behind them. She throws her backpack at Fuyubachi and tells him not to leave her behind next time. That is when the building is destroyed by demolition and the three make it out in one piece.

Their other suicide attempts end out bad as well along with making sure Kamome doesn't die with them. They try jumping off a train platform while making sure to push Kamome back on before they are hit, but another man jumps before them. They go through other ideas such as jumping off a building, eating cigarettes, and drowning... all ideas that Kamome makes reasons that they are bad ideas.

They go out into the mountains in order to hang themselves, Fuyubachi makes sure Kamome's rope is cut thin so it will break before it chokes her. But it doesn't work. When she sees Zebra start to choke she thinks it looks fun and jumps around breaking the branch off the tree. They check into a bath house and after a bath and a meal, retire to their rooms as they talk about the Lil' Slugger attacks, and that their internet friend "Fox" was murdered by him.

While they are laying in bed Lil' Slugger attacks; before he hits them he freaks out and runs away, making the three of them chase him before they lose him. They are found in a parking lot still calling Lil' Slugger. This is when Fuyubachi notices, none of them have any shadows... they are already dead.

It is hinted why Fuyubachi wants to die in the episode. On the train he is saying "Sayo" in his sleep; he is also carrying a Chitose Candy bag that is candy giving to children at seven or three years old. This is a hint that something might have happened to a child named Sayo in his life. The child could have been his grandchild and might have died recently before Fuyubachi could give him the candy, or it could have been his own child and he or she abandoned him.

It is possible that he died from the carbon monoxide or the sleeping pills or from the building being destroyed with them being in it. Before they started everything they had shadows, but after the building scene they didn't. This is a constant argument with fans.

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