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Keiichi IkariKeiichi IkariKeiichi Ikari (Paranoia Agent)
About 40-50 years oldAbout 40-50 years old
"The reason I became a cop was to chase those robbers with the big burlap sack.""The reason I became a cop was to chase those robbers with the big burlap sack."
Michael McConnohieShozo Iizuka
Paranoia AgentMousou Dairnin

Character Description: Keiichi Ikari

Ikari is the older, hot tempered man next to Maniwa. He is old fashioned and has a wife with a heart condition. He seems to be very closed off about the Shounen Bat cases, and loses his temper with several people.

He seems to snap at Maniwa a lot as well. Later in the series, Ikari seems to go into some fantasy land with Tsukiko Sagi, where people think she is his daughter. Ikari's 'fantasy land' is the perfect place for him, and he becomes the hero of it, while Maniwa is trying to contact him. He seems to come to a sudden realization when his wife dies and he leaves back to reality, when Shounen Bat's darkness is starting to take over the city....

Character Description: Keiichi Ikari

Keiichi Ikari, better known as 'Chief', is a slightly overweight, middle aged man trying to keep up with the new times and the new generation that continues to advance ahead of him.

They never reveal Ikari's age in the show, Its safe to assume he is in his 40's to 50's, maybe older. He originally joined the force so he could chase the old 'bandanna over the eyes and burlap sack carrying' thieves, but ended up staying for the long hall, dealing with new criminals in a new time that he is not familiar with.

He is usually in his button up undershirt, open buttoned coat, black dress pants, and red belt. He also has a receding hairline and a 'peach fuzz' mustache and goatee. He is quick tempered from years of dealing with disrespectful kids and more sophisticated criminals as the times progressed, so he does not pull punches when it comes to dealing with suspects and interrogating suspects. He is also naturally skeptical about everything as he always looks for the most logical answer to the case.

Most recently he has teamed up with a rookie Detective by the name of Maniwa, a more optimistic, open thinking investigator who's positive view of things completely clashes with Ikari's entire style. And if that wasn't enough, the newest string of assaults has them both clashing in their views of the answer to who is responsible for these crimes. Maniwa is attempting to see between the lines while Ikari believes that the answer is simply that its all a hoax.

Notes: I'm not sure of Ikari's real age, since he makes a reference to the war at one point in the anime. This would put him at least in his late 60's to early 70's, but he does not appear to be that old. He does not consider himself a member of the new times, but more of a old piece of a puzzle long gone, and just simply to old to belong. He is married and has a wife who is stricken with a debilitating heart disorder, forcing Ikari to work hard and keep going, to pay her medical bills but mostly to be a strong pillar of support for her. He quit smoking by the beginning of the anime but the stress put on by the new investigation starts him smoking again, surprisingly enough switching to an old brand of matches to reflect his feeling of being stuck in the past.

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