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Character Profile: Kamome

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kamome Kamome Kamome (Paranoia Agent)
Is now a ghost Is now a ghost
Female Female
About 7-10 years old About 7-10 years old
Brown Brown
Black Black
Dead Dead
"Don't leave me behind! I don't want to be alone!"  
Episode 8 Episode 8
Paranoia Agent Mousou Dairnin

Character Description: Kamome

Kamome is a young girl who along with Fuyubachi and Zebra meet to commit suicide. She is left behind when the two men see she is a child but she follows them to the building they are in. The two men throughout the episode try to either leave her behind, or make sure that she doesn't die along with them.

It isn't really sure why Kamome wants to die. Either she has no idea of what she's really getting into or she has a reason for wanting to be dead. In the scene in mountains when Fuyubachi and Zebra try to leave her behind; only to return worried she might die out in the woods, she starts crying and tells them she doesn't want to be alone.

It might be possible that this is a hint; maybe her parents never had time for her, or maybe her parents might have died in Typoon No. 9 in episode 6.

It is unsure of how she died. It is said she might have jumped off the bridge she was on after calling Fuyubachi on her cell phone. Or she inhaled carbon monoxide while she was outside the building where Fuyubachi and Zebra were. It is an argument with fans about this how she died.

It is shown that neither she or Zebra knew they were dead, only Fuyubachi ever really noticed they were all missing shadows.

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