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Mitsuhio ManiwaMitsuhio ManiwaMitsuhio Maniwa (Paranoia Agent)
About 22-24 years oldAbout 22-24 years old
"Rumors help him grow! Imagination! Paranoia nurtures him!" (play clip)(play clip)
William Markham (eps. 1-4), Liam O'Brien (eps. 5-13)Seki Toshihiko
Paranoia AgentMousou Dairnin

Character Description: Mitsuhio Maniwa

Mitsuhio Maniwa is the younger, more even tempered detective compared to Ikari. He is clever, and a bit more open about the Shounen Bat (Lil' Slugger) incidents that his partner.

He's very kind to all people, and very patient, even though Ikari seems to lose his temper with Maniwa's naive personality. Later, he learns to just stay out of the way with the questionings. Maniwa comes out with the idea that Shounen Bat comes for people who have been backed into an emotional corner, which also tests his grip on reality.

He seems to go totally insane, and seems to starve himself, because in the last set of episodes, he's very gaunt. Several scenes involve him fighting Shounen Bat with things such as umbrellas, though he sees them as a sword. Maniwa is the one who finds out the past of Tsukiko Sagi, the morbid past of Maromi, and puts the pieces together to figure out the puzzle of Shounen Bat.

Character Description: Mitsuhio Maniwa

Mitsuhio Maniwa is the new face in the police station, and he has one hell of a case just starting out.

Maniwa is still considered a rookie by most at his police district, but he has the pleasure of working with the police chief for his first case, a string of seemingly random street assaults.

Maniwa is usually dressed in his basic uniform, a button up undershirt, tie, dress pants with belt, and an open buttoned overcoat. He keeps himself neatly shaved and well groomed, somewhat of a counterpart to the Chief who seems to always forget to shave.

He is almost the exact opposite of the Chief. While Ikari is short tempered and yells a lot, Maniwa plays the part of the good cop and talks kindly to the suspects and witnesses. He tries to read in between the lines of evidence to get the answer, seeking the truth behind truths. He is willing to accept any answer that may lead to the truth, annoying Ikari who only wants evidence that will prove his answer to be the truth. However, the case of Lil' Slugger is a strange one, with no answers, clear or unclear, and it will take it's toll on the new detective....

Notes: Maniwa seems to be the only one who notices the link between the current going's on and the Old Man, who seems to be more then just a babbling patient at the hospital. He and the Chief go to a local Korean restaurant whenever they can afford it. Whoever has the better idea or whoever is looking like their theory is going to pan out in the investigation, they have to pay for the food, but since they usually end up having to start at square one, they usually split the bill.

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