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Lil'SluggerShounen Bat ("Bat Boy")Lil'Slugger (Paranoia Agent)Lil'Slugger (Paranoia Agent)
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Little Slugger
Holy WarriorHoly Warrior
12 years old12 years old
At least 4'7"At least 140 cm
"Hello again"
Sam RegalDaisuke Sakaguchi
Paranoia AgentMousou Dairnin

Character Description: Lil'Slugger

A boy on rollerblades is said to be responsible for a series of mysterious beatings in Tokyo. It's always the same with the victims, they can't recall the boy's face and only two distinct details are left in their memories golden rollerblades and the weapon, a golden baseball bat bent into that of a dog's leg.

The other detail about the attacks is that all the victim's suffer from depression, stress, and emotional trauma. The victims develop an inner paranoia of everything around them, due to their pasts or secrets. After Lil' Slugger (Or Holy Warrior) hits them with his bat they seem to lose that paranoia, also each victim seems to have a tie with the last victim. Thus the title "Paranoia Agent"

He seems to live in his own world; in his mind he believes that the world around him is an RPG while his journey is to defeat the evil Gouma who posses people to fight. Tsukiko Sagi, a shy character designer, was his first victim; surrounded by coworkers who are jealous of her success, her creation Maromi is her only companion.

The figment of the numerous victim's stress, a ghost or a phantom. One thing is for sure, something of much evil power is responsible.

Character Description: Lil'Slugger

Lil'Slugger (Paranoia Agent) Lil' Slugger is a mysterious young boy who has been going around attacking people with his bent baseball bat. At first all that's given out about him is that he wears gold inline skates and a baseball cap. His first victim is Tsukiko, who we learn attacked herself. Second was Kawazu, who was in severe debt. Next was Yuichi, who was being bullied. Then Harume Chono, who was struggling with an opposite personality.

Ushiyama and Hirokawa were attacked by a 14 year old boy called Kozouka who claimed to be a "Holy Warrior" who had only begun helping those waiting to be saved. Lil' Slugger's next victim was Taeko, who is Hirokawa's daughter. Maniwa found out that the only way to stop Lil' Slugger was to use an emotionally stressed person as bait, hence Kozouka. However, Kouzouka is murdered, but they catch a glimpse of the real Lil' Slugger.

Character Description: Lil'Slugger

Li'l Slugger is a street attacker who goes after people who were driven into an emotional corner. He seems real, but he is nothing more than a paranoid delusion, created by Tsukiko Sagi.

In the end of the series, Tsukiko's revealed past shows that she made up an attack earlier, and Lil' Slugger's shadow is seen in the memory of her past, as a way to deny that it was her fault her puppy died. But when she decides to accept the responsibility, Li'l Slugger simply says "Goodbye" and vanishes.

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