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Character Profile: Taeko Hirukawa

USA Info
Japanese Info
Taeko Hirukawa Taeko Hirukawa Taeko Hirukawa (Paranoia Agent)
Human Human
Female Female
About 13-15 years old About 13-15 years old
Brown Brown
Brown Brown
Masami's only daughter and child Masami's only daughter and child
"How dare you call me!"  
Tara Hudson Nana Mizuki
Episode 6 Episode 6
Paranoia Agent Mousou Dairnin

Character Description: Taeko Hirukawa

Taeko is Masami Hirukawa's runaway teenaged daughter who left her home during the on slot of a violent storm. She is the focus of Episode 6. Taeko is deeply upset about something, and constantly remembers back to other times of her life where her father was her most cherished friend and trusted him.

Her family used to live in an apartment where they all slept in the same room. Her parents wanted to get a new house so she can have her own room. However Taeko doesn't mind where she lives but would rather stay in the apartment were she was born. It is revealed that the reason she has run away from home is that Masami, her own father, had put a hidden camera inside her room.

Taeko finds images of herself undressing, and doing other things on her father's computer while setting up a "Happy Birthday" background as a surprise. She is traumatized to think that the man she trusted could commit such an act of betrayal. She trashes the rooms and runs away. Her father calls her on her cell phone and with a calm yet upset tone of voice, she threatens to commit suicide in order to hurt her family, as her father desperately asks for her forgiveness. Before she hangs up with him one last time she says she wishes the new house that was built for them to live in...would just disappear.

Taeko starts to hallucinate about herself in the river before she jumps and gets cold feet. After breaking down and wishing she could forget everything, she is greeted by Li'l Slugger and is struck on the head.

She is later seen in the hospital with her father by her side. He says her wish came true and that their house was destroyed in the storm. However Taeko has now lost all of her memory just as she wished. The loss of her memory horrifies her father.

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