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Japanese Info
Yuichi TairaYuichi TairaYuichi Taira (Paranoia Agent)
About 12-13 years oldAbout 12-13 years old
Numer one student at schoolNumer one student at school
"Good Morning!"
Episode 2Episode 2
Paranoia AgentMousou Dairnin

Character Description: Yuichi Taira

Yuichi Taira is number one at everything that he does. He's popular and is the top at both sports and academics. He has a tutor named Harumi Chono who he feels he doesn't need, but he finds it nice to chat with her. He is also the top for possibly being elected for Student Council President.

But during the days before that everything Yuichi has worked for is slowly torn apart. A transfer student, Shogo Ushiyama, or "Usshi", decides to run in the elections. At that time Yuichi is suspected of being Lil' Slugger; Yuichi feels that it is Usshi who is spreading the rumors that he is Lil' Slugger.

Angry and becoming paranoid due to Usshi gaining such popular stats with Yuichi's fans, Yuichi confronts Usshi and screams at him about him ruining his reputation and to stop doing it.

Later he received a picture emailed to his cell phone... it is a picture of him when he was pinning Usshi to the wall while yelling at him. Yuichi becomes angry thinking Usshi set it all up some how. Depressed, he walks home and run into Usshi carrying a large paper palm tree.

The two walk and Usshi talks about how they are the same, that he was bullied in his old school that that's why he came here. Yuichi gets annoyed at being compared to him there is one thing that goes through his mind "I...I wish Lil' Slugger would beat Usshi!" and seconds later Lil' Slugger appears and hits Usshi with his bat. While running after him Yuichi sees something that scares him: Lil' Slugger tips his cap and smiles the same way he does.

The next day before school, Yuichi is in his room watching video's of a baseball game he played in. His mother tells him its time for school; Yuichi becomes frantic saying that going to school will only make what happened the other day worst since everyone knew how much he hated Usshi.

His mother shoves him out the door and after a while of hallucinating, Lil' Slugger appears and hits him.

Yuichi's nickname "Ichi" is a play on the Japanese word for the number one. Yuichi is known for tipping his hat and showing his shiny teeth.

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