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Perfect BluePerfect BluePerfect Blue
1 movie1 movie
Nov 23, 1999 (VHS), Aug 16, 2005 (DVD)1997
Manga EntertainmentMadhouse
Yoshikazu Takeuchi
Satoshi Kon
Drama, Paranormal, SuspenseDrama, Paranormal, Suspense
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Mima KirigoeMima Kirigoe
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Cham manager βŠ• Tadokoro βŠ•
· · ·
Mima fan βŠ• Uchida the fan βŠ•
· · ·
Murano βŠ• Murano βŠ•
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Perfect Blue

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Me-Mania Me-Mania Rumi βŠ• Rumi βŠ•
Mima Kirigoe Mima Kirigoe Shibuya βŠ• Shibuya βŠ•
Cham manager βŠ• Tadokoro βŠ• Tadakoro βŠ• Tadakoro βŠ•
Mima fan βŠ• Uchida the fan βŠ• Yamashiro βŠ• Yamashiro βŠ•
Murano βŠ• Murano βŠ•

Description: Perfect Blue

Former singer of group Cham, Mima Kirigoe quits being a pop idol to pursue her dream as an actress. Performing in a drama series as a rape victim has put her on a line of success, but eerie things then suddenly happen. When Mima took a look at a site about herself she notices that all the information on the web is way to accurate, telling about every second she does in her life, and it's not her who is writing this.

She is haunted by a figure of herself as a pop idol, continuously appearing in front of her saying that the real Mima is a pop idol not a filthy actress, and only Mima is the one seeing this ghostly figure of the past. The people Mima works for are then suddenly murdered and Mima has dreams convincing her that she committed the crimes. She wakes up over like 3 times from the dream to finding evidence in the closet that she did it and then news reporters at her door.

It's crazy suspense but a good-chilling movie that will get you willing to watch 'till the end. Mima was ready to become an actress believing it was what she really wanted, but who is the real Mima, a singer or an actress? Who is that ghostly-figure of her that is committing the murders? Too eerie... but a wonderful film with great picture and music to express the horror of the anime.

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