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Anime Profile: Persona -trinity soul-

USA Info
Japanese Info
Persona -trinity soul- Persona -trinity soul- Persona -trinity soul-
  26+ Episodes
  Jan 5, 2008–June 28, 2008
  A-1 Pictures Inc.
  Jun Matsumoto
Action, Drama, Paranormal Action, Drama, Paranormal
Akihiko Sanada Akihiko Sanada
· · ·
Eiko Nikaidou Eiko Nikaidou
· · ·
Haruka Kanzato Haruka Kanzato
· · ·
Igor Igor
· · ·
Jun Kanzato Jun Kanzato
· · ·
Kanaru Morimoto Kanaru Morimoto
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Persona -trinity soul-

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akihiko Sanada Akihiko Sanada Shiiba Kusu Shiiba Kusu
Eiko Nikaidou Eiko Nikaidou Shin Kanzato Shin Kanzato
Haruka Kanzato Haruka Kanzato Shuhei Kita Shuhei Kita
Igor Igor Sotaro Seno Sotaro Seno
Jun Kanzato Jun Kanzato Taiichi Udou Taiichi Udou
Kanaru Morimoto Kanaru Morimoto Takuro Sakakiba Takuro Sakakiba
Kiyofumi Nagai Kiyofumi Nagai Toma Shikura Toma Shikura
Kunio Itou Kunio Itou Tomohiro Narasaki Tomohiro Narasaki
Mareya Kujou Mareya Kujou Tooru Inui Tooru Inui
Mayuri Yamazaki Mayuri Yamazaki Vice-Chief Vice-Chief
Megumi Kayano Megumi Kayano Wakasa Kusu Wakasa Kusu
President Hiiragi President Hiiragi Watanabe Watanabe
Ryou Kanzato Ryou Kanzato Yuji Kimoto Yuji Kimoto
Saki Tachibana Saki Tachibana Yumi Tasaka Yumi Tasaka

Anime Description: Persona -trinity soul-

In Ayanagi City, a city set up to help the recovery from the calamity caused by the "Apathy Syndrome" ten years earlier. Shin Kanzato and his little brother Jun meet up with their older brother Ryo. It has been ten years since the two have seen their older brother, and ten years since the death of their parents and Jun's twin sister Yuki.

Ryo does not want his brothers living with him, because he is chief of the Ayanagi City Police, and has a lot on his mind at the time. Strange events have been happening in Ayanagi City recently. A crew mysteriously disappears off of their submarine and cases of inside out corpses are just two of the events happening. As Ryo tries to track down the organization responsible for these incidents, Shin becomes involved in the situation, awakening his "Persona".

The story is set ten years after the video game Persona 3 ends.

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