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Anime Profile: Perverse Investigations

USA Info
Japanese Info
Perverse InvestigationsSei Sai (性裁) ("Sex Judge")Perverse Investigations
· · ·
Sex Judge
2 OVA episodes2 OVA episodes
November 8, 2005
Critical MassBlue Gate
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· · ·
Vanilla SeriesVanilla Series
Coach βŠ• Coach βŠ•
· · ·
Daisuke βŠ• Daisuke βŠ•
· · ·
Hikaru Nagihara βŠ• Hikaru Nagihara βŠ•
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Characters: Perverse Investigations

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Coach βŠ• Coach βŠ• Nami Sudou βŠ• Nami Sudou βŠ•
Daisuke βŠ• Daisuke βŠ• Nozomi Itou βŠ• Nozomi Itou βŠ•
Hikaru Nagihara βŠ• Hikaru Nagihara βŠ• Professor Yuko βŠ• Professor Yuko βŠ•
Kizuna Negishi βŠ• Kizuna Negishi βŠ• Sae Ichijyo βŠ• Sae Ichijyo βŠ•
Masayoshi Negishi βŠ• Masayoshi Negishi βŠ• Shinya βŠ• Shinya βŠ•
Mitsura Samejima βŠ• Mitsura Samejima βŠ• Shiori Sakura βŠ• Shiori Sakura βŠ•

Description: Perverse Investigations

Professor Yuko was a popular teacher at Nankai Academy. She would always go out of her way to help students, even if it meant endangering her own life, but apparently the results were worth the risk, as she seemed to have a profound effect upon everyone she helped. And then one night she was dead. It appeared as if she had fell off the roof of a school building, so the police brushed it off as an accident. But this was no accident, Professor Yuko was pushed... murdered! Everyone was sadened by the loss, not to mention confused, angered, and even outraged, but four of her male students in particular decide to take this murder mystery into their own hands. This new-found detective squad consists of Masayoshi, Daisuke, Mitsuru, and Shinya, and together they become bound and determined to track down whoever it was that executed this awful deed against Professor Yuko, and then punish them severly.

Perverse Investigations Their first clue comes from a page in Professor Yuko's schedule book. In the slot dated the night of her murder, there was an note that read "matters on the roof". Then, on the adjacent page, the names of several girls were jotted down. The first is Sae Ichijyo, who is the top athlete on the swim team. Next is Nami Sudou, who has a reputation for being quite promiscus. Then Hikaru Nagihara, another member of the swim team, but rumored to not know how to swim. After that comes Kiyoka Enjyoji, who is super rich, and Shiori Sakura, who is the school chancellor's daughter. And finally, Nozomi Itou, who is bascially Shiori's shadow, following everywhere she goes. Was Professor Yuko supposed to have a meeting with these girls on the roof the night she was murdered? Looks like it's time to investigate!

Perverse Investigations So first off, the guys place hidden video cameras all around the school. They used to do this to secretly record people having sex, until they all made a promise to Professor Yuko that they would never again do such a thing. But now they're doing it not for personal pleasure, but find out who killed the professor, and why. The first video they review was taken from the hidden camera in the swim team coach's office, in which they discover the coach having sex with Hikaru. A short conversation between the two gives the guys get a small clue in their investigation. Next they move on more footage, this time of Nami getting it on with four unknown guys, and loving every minute of it. I guess she lives up to her reputation! A short conversation between them provides another clue. Now the guys feel like they have enough to start dishing out punishments, starting with Sae Ichijyo and Kiyoka Enjyoji.

Perverse Investigations Before that takes place, however, Nozomi Itou is attacked by an unseen group of guys, apparently because she was about to reveal something she wasn't supposed to. They have their way with her, ensuring that she won't feel any more desire to speak up. Eventually Masayoshi and Daisuke find their way to Sae Ichijyo. During their confrontation, Daisuke has her change out of her swimsuit and into a pink nurses uniform, where he then makes her pose for pictures. Masayoshi can only take so much of his fooling around before he takes Sae into one of the bathroom stalls to deliver his punishment. Afterwards, it's time for Masayoshi and Mitsura to confront Kiyoka at her estate. There, they make her stip off her uniform, revealing a kinky revealing under-outfit that she had been secretly wearing all day. And once again, Masayoshi quickly dishes out his form of punishment.

Perverse Investigations Well, needless to say more action ensues as the guys continue their investigation, though things get really confusing once they discover the truth. Honesly, I didn't know what to make of it. The conclusion didn't seem to make any sense at all, and then there was some lesbian affair thing that was mentioned which never seemed to go anywhere, so I don't know what the point of that was either. Storywise, it held my interest up until the end, at which point I became baffeled. As for the production values, the acting and sound effects were all about average, and the art and animation were all on par with the typical Vanilla Series releases, which is good, better than many, but nothing fantastic.

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