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USA Info
Japanese Info
Count DCount D (Pet Shop of Horrors)
Humanoid PlantHumanoid Plant
Appears around 18-22 years oldAppears around 18-22 years old
Gold (right) (looks green when covered by his hair), purple (left)Gold (right) (looks green when covered by his hair), purple (left)
Owner of pet shopOwner of pet shop
Pet Shop of HorrorsPet Shop of Horrors

Character Description: Count D

D is the owner of the petshop in Chinatown that is strangely linked to mysterious deaths. The link was that that the people who were dying all bought a pet bought from Count D. Count D does sell "mysterious pets", which are actually normal pets until the insensce is lit. Then something strange tends to happen. Whenever you buy a pet from him, you must oblige by three rules. If any are broken, neither D nor his shop is responsible for any damage.

Aside from the fact that Count D is obsessed, and I mean OBSESSED, with sugar or sugary products, he also seems to love his animals.

At the end of the series, Count D's father comes and is going to kill off all humans because long ago humans killed D's entire clan (because one of the women refused a high ranking mans proposal). D's clan goes back to ancient China, where they were held as priests and priestesses who had the ability to communicate with animals. The animals D sells now are a method of revenge.

D himself is a perfect copy of his father, as D's father is of his own father. Only D's ancestor survived the slaughter and has some how been creating copies of itself. It is also revealed that Q-Chan is D's grandfather in disguise.

Well, D's father is shot by Leon before killing the entire human race (he planned to use a human-specific airborne disease), and when he died he was immediately reborn as a human child (that's irrelevant, but oh well). Later, Leon wakes up on a floating ship in the sky, and mistakenly assumes that D plans to keep him. D tells him humans have not yet earned the right to board his ship, and pushes Leon off.

After that, Leon leaves to return a picture that D held very close to his heart. You see, before all this, an FBI agent was going to arrest D, and was going to prove that D's family was a strange one. So D packed up his shop and left. Strangely enough, he carried with him only a suitcase, and all his animals still appeared when needed. D would get very flustered if someone touched the suitcase, and when Leon is pushed off the ship, he finds out all that's in it is a drawn picture of himself, D, and Chris. This is the picture he wanted to return.

The shop itself was found to be a small, one room store, but the mixture of the tea that D serves, and the incense, cause one to wander the store, thinking they're going through labyrinth after labyrinth. The next thing you see is a girl telling a police officer that there is a pet shop that may have connections to a recent murder. The detective says he's on the case and leaves. You see a man almost identical to D, save for shorter hair, open the door. The detective asks for Count D and he says his father is not in at the moment. The detective smirks and says that it's a shame, because he brought some sort of sweet food. The D look-a-like smiles and invites him in, saying he wouldn't want the food to go to waste. Then the detective asks "hey, a while back, my brother went off to return something to your father... do you know if he ever made it?".

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