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Character Profile: Honlon

USA Info
Japanese Info
Honlon Honlon Honlon (Pet Shop of Horrors)
Kanan Kanan
· · ·
Shuko Shuko
· · ·
Junrei Junrei
Three-Headed Dragon Three-Headed Dragon
Female Female
A Few Months(born December 25th) A Few Months(born December 25th)
Black Black
Gold Gold
Pet In Count D's Shop, Chris' Friend Pet In Count D's Shop, Chris' Friend
"That door is closed for a reason, you know!"(Kannan)  
· · ·
"Hello Chris, it's been a while. Oh, let me get her... she's such a shy girl."(Shuko)  
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Pet Shop of Horrors Pet Shop of Horrors

Character Description: Honlon

Honlon is a three headed dragon. She would have had only one head, but this is what happened: Her egg got mixed with the turtle egg that Count D was supposed to give to a family as a Christmas present. When he realized what had happened, he got Detective Orcot to help him get it back and switch the eggs. They were successful and she hatched on Christmas, but the dragon was supposed to have the personality of whoever cared for it while it was in the egg.

Well, I think you can see where this is going... it came in contact with three people, thus giving her three personalities: a calm side like Count D (named Shuko), a hot-headed side like Detective Orcot (named Kannan), and a sensitive side like the grandfather of the boy the turtle egg was for (named Junrei). Each personality has a different head, and like Orcot, Kannan can't get along with anyone. Shuko is always the one with a level head that solves problems (like Count D), and Junrei is the one that bursts into tears and serves as a peacemaker.

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