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Yucie GunbardYusshi GunbardYucie Gunbard (Petite Princess Yucie)
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Forehead (by Arc)Forehead (by Arc)
17 years old (looks 10 years old)17 years old (looks 10 years old)
Dark blueDark blue
Princess of the human worldPrincess of the human world
Rachel RiveraMaria Yamamoto
Petite Princess YuciePuchhi Puri Yuushi

Character Description: Yucie Gunbard

Yucie is a fun-loving girl who is always up for adventure. She is cute, and kind, and an all around good kid. She lives the life of a ten-year-old girl because of the unusual growth of her body. When she wakes up in the morning, even on her seventeenth birthday, she realizes she hasn't grown an inch since she was ten years old.

As the story progresses Yucie becomes a "Platinum Princess Candidate" or a Princess Academy Member who will be given a series of tasks to form together the "Eternal Tiara" which will grant one candidate a wish of their choice. Of course Yucie enters hoping to attain adolescent features and become a adult both body and mind.

Yucie meets many people along her journey. Many which she befriends. Some of these friends include the four other princess candidates, Glenda of the Demon World, Cocoloo of the Spirit World, Elmina of Heaven, and Beth or the Fairy World. The five friends become very close and learn to cooperate with each other even if they do argue a lot. The funny thing about the girls is that they all entered the run for Platinum Princess to attain an adult body. They all stopped growing at the age of ten.

Yucie also falls in love with a wild, mysterious man named Arc. Arc was the man Yucie never dreamed should would be falling for. He was rude, and strange, even teased her by calling her Forehead. However, Arc treated Yucie like she was an adult, not just another child. When Yucie finds out that Arc is actually Price Ero, she realizes he is the man of her dreams. He was a boy who rescued Yucie and gave her the "Flower of Happiness." When Yucie needed him, Arc was there. That was true until Arc got ill from some kind a curse he attained fighting to protect Yucie in the battle for Fairy World. It was then Yucie's Platinum Princess wish changed from adulthood to true love.

The final test is taken to become Platinum Princess. When all of Yucie's friends drop out of the running so that Yucie is sure to obtain the tiara and be granted the wish to save her love, Yucie is touched. However, thanks to Queen Ercell Yucie finds out her dear friends will be sacrificed. She is left to choose between dearest friends, and true love.

Character Description: Yucie Gunbard

Yucie is a seventeen year old girl who is stuck in a ten year old's body.

She is chosen as a platina princess candidate. She must now find the four crystal flowers along with Glenda, Elmina, Kokoloo, and Beth, to become the platina princess and be able to finally be an adult.

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