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Anime Profile: Phantom Quest Corp.

USA Info
Japanese Info
Phantom Quest Corp. You-Gen-Kai-Sya(幽幻怪社)("Phantom Quest Corp.") Phantom Quest Corp.
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  Phantom Quest Corp.
2 OVA volumes 4 OVA episodes
1996 1994
Geneon Madhouse, Pioneer LDC, Animaze, Inc.
  Juzo Mutusuki
  Koichi Chigara
Ayaka Kisaragi Ayaka Kisaragi
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Lt. Kozu Karina Lt. Kozu Karina
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Mamoru Shimesu Mamoru Shimesu
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Anime Characters: Phantom Quest Corp.

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ayaka Kisaragi Ayaka Kisaragi Kozo Karino Kozo Karino
Lt. Kozu Karina Lt. Kozu Karina Madame Suimei Madame Suimei
Mamoru Shimesu Mamoru Shimesu Rokkon Rokkon
Nanami Rokugo Nanami Rokugo    

Anime Description: Phantom Quest Corp.

Their business is in removing any supernatural threats to your buisness. The most unusual company in Japan, Phantom Quest Corporation [You-Gen-Kai-Sya] is ready for anything.

Located in a quaint, small house (surrounded by skyscrapers) in the middle of the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, Phantom Quest is owned and operated by Ayaka Kisaragi. The company also comprises Section U detective Kozo Karino, Ayaka's "secretary" and bookeeper Mamoru Shimesu, resident exorcist Rokkon, the spiritual Madame Suimei, and newcomer Nanami Rokugo. The Phantom Quest employees are up against ghosts, demons, vampires, and all the other ilk of the undead...as well as serious debt and Ayaka's potentially dangerous habits. Whoever said ghost hunting isn't funny hasn't seen how the Phantom Quest Corporation works.

Combining just the right amount of comedy with a good dose of action, suspense, character interaction, and at least some originality, Phantom Quest Corp. may be one well worth seeing.

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