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Character Profile: Rei Enna

USA Info
Japanese Info
Rei Enna Rei Enna Zero Enna
Zero Enna Zero Enna
· · ·
Candidate #88  
Human Human
Male Male
15 years 15 years
Brown(blue during an EX reaction) Brown(blue during an EX reaction)
Blue Blue
5'1" 154 cm
106 lbs 48 kg
Candidate for Pilot of a Goddess Candidate for Pilot of a Goddess
"This is worse than being nauseous!"  
Joshua Seth  
Pilot Candidate Megami Kohousei

Character Description: Rei Enna

Zero is a boy, who is on a quest to become a Goddess pilot. When he arrived at G.O.A., he got lost in the Ingrids' hangar. Then, when the doors opened, he saw and approached the Goddess. Tripping, he fell into the extra dimension that is located inside of the Goddess.

Zero has what everyone onboard G.O.A. has, EX, a sort of energy inside that gives them enhanced abilities. The Goddesses takes it away until it's completely drained, and the pilot dies.

Zero recalls many things about his past in the ripping tale of Pilot Candidate.

Character Description: Rei Enna

Our protagonist, candidate #88, is 15 years old and is supremely brash and hotheaded. Thus, as a Zenoah with incredibly high EX potential, with his only flaw is his attitude. And his zero-G phobia. Zero was born in the colonies and was named Rei. When the Victim attacked his colony, the Goddesses were able to save only him. Rei got his nickname, Zero, when his friends called him that in school since they say that Rei was close to Zero. Zero's aim is to pilot the White Ingrid, like he said to Clay at the first episode.

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