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Pita TenPita TenPita Ten
26 TV episodes26 TV episodes
Adventure, Comedy, FantasyAdventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Hiroshi MitaraiHiroshi Mitarai
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Koboshi UematsuKoboshi Uematsu
· · ·
Kotarou HiguchiKotarou Higuchi
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Takashi Ayanokoji/Ten-chanTakashi Ayanokoji/Ten-chan
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Kaoru Mitarai βŠ• Kaoru Mitarai βŠ•
· · ·
Nya βŠ• Nyaa-san βŠ•
· · ·
Sasha βŠ• Sasha βŠ•

Description: Pita Ten

Pita Ten is about a boy named Kotarou Higuchi who is in sixth grade. His life is pretty boring ever since his mother died. It's the same old thing. Get up, do the chores and go to school. But, one day his whole life changes when a strange pinked haired girl enters his life...

Meet Misha. She's an angel who has arrived on earth for training. Misha is VERY hyperactive and insanely perky. Kotarou and his friends, Koboshi Uematsu and Ayanakouji Takashi seem to get into weird situations with her around. Add an innocent demon, a determined rival, and an overprotective sibling of the rival and things just get weirder.

Description: Pita Ten

It's a hard life for Kotarou. Butt all of that changes when a hyperactive angel, Misha, moves in next door! Misha's favorite word seems to be "su", which is good for annoying people.

Misha soon starts going to Kotarou's school, which is where we meet the loveable (or maybe not...) Ten-chan, and Koboshi. Koboshi then cooks up a plan to get rid of Misha, because of her relationship with Kotarou.

Description: Pita Ten

A quiet elementary school student, Kotarou Higuchi is worse off then most kids. His mother died in a traffic accident and his workaholic father is never at home. This leaves Kotarou struggling to make it to school on time, cook his own meals, go shopping, and keep up with his studies. Yet, his so-called normal life has thrown him a curve ball in the form of a mysterious girl named Misha who has not only moved in next door to him, but has started to attend the very same middle school as him!

Out of loneliness and desperation, Misha decides to make it her life's work to chase after, "abuse", and latch on to Kotarou. But somehow, Kotarou adapts and life settles back down...that is, until another strange girl shows up. This time, it's Shia, a black haired girl. In the manga, the mere presence of Shia causes both Kotarou and Misha to receive pounding headaches amongst other supernatural side effects, however this doesn't occur in the anime.

Nonetheless, Shia's gentle demeanor and reserved personality manage to win the hearts of everyone, but Kotarou, and she ultimately moves in as Misha's new roommate.

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