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Character Profile: Shia

USA Info
Japanese Info
Shia Shia Shia (Pita-Ten)
Shia-san Shia-san
Demon Demon
Female Female
14 years old 14 years old
Black Black
Purple Purple
"Well, you see... I'm looking for a job"  
Pita-Ten Pita-Ten

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: Shia

Not much is known about Shia, except that she lives next door to Kotarou with Misha. Ten-Chan got her a job so she could repay Misha for her hospitality.

She has a weird little black cat named Nya that talks to her and really doesn't like Misha at all. Nya has taken form of a cat and is originally a demon who tries to help Shia become a proper demon. In human form, he has chin length blonde hair, blue eyes, and wears a black cloak with a little bell tied around his neck. It is shown later that Nya is in love with Shia. Also, it's revealed that his real name is Klaus.

Shia is very kind and tries her best to help anyone in need. She is also Ten-Chan's object of affection. Kotarou isn't too fond of her but at the same time unsure. Overall she's pretty quiet and mysterious, but a VERY benevolent demon.

Character Description: Shia

Shia is an apprentice demon under Klaus, a demon. However, she doesn't remember her past, which involves Kotarou's grandfather, Tarou.

Shia is shy, good at cooking, a well cleaner, kind, and all that. She's like perfect, and extremely pretty. She dresses 'cutely' and doesn't really show that much skin.

Shia however, is too kind to be a demon. In later episodes, you see that Shia has been punished from Hell, because she's too kind. Demons are not supposed to be kind.

Shia accepts this fate, because she doesn't want anyone to be hurt. Klaus encourages her to hurry up and hurt someone, just so that the Demon Council might change their mind, but Shia refuses. Being the sweet girl she is, she doesn't want anyone hurt for her.

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