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Please Save My EarthBoku no Chikyuu o Mamotte (ぼくの地球を守って) ("Please Save My Earth")Please Save My Earth
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Please Save My Earth
6 OVA episodes6 OVA episodes
1996 [1994]
Viz [Victor Entertaiment]
Goto Takayuki
Yamazaki Kazuo
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Daisuke ⊕ Daisuke ⊕
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Enju ⊕ Anges ⊕
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Gyokuran ⊕ Gyokuran ⊕
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Characters: Please Save My Earth

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Alice Arisu Issei ⊕ Issei ⊕
Rin Ring Jinpachi ⊕ Jinpachi ⊕
Daisuke ⊕ Daisuke ⊕ Mokuren ⊕ Mokulen ⊕
Enju ⊕ Anges ⊕ Sakura ⊕ Sakura ⊕
Gyokuran ⊕ Gyokuran ⊕ Shion ⊕ Shion ⊕
Haruiko ⊕ Haruiko ⊕ Shukaido ⊕ Shuukaido ⊕
Hiragi ⊕ Hiiragi ⊕ Shusuran ⊕ Shusulan ⊕

Description: Please Save My Earth

This is a tale of reincarnation, regret, loss, and love. It is the story of seven scientists, and, although we meet all seven briefly, we get to know 5 very well: sweet and gentle Mokuren (Alice), vengeful Shion (Rin), impetuous Gyokuran (Jinpachi), heartbroken Enju (Issei), and regretful Shukaido (Haruhiko).

The story takes us into the life of the sensitive, dreamy Alice. She is not the strong heroine you expect from these kind of stories. She is a cry baby and she takes things hard. She has the gift of understanding plants and animals, but she doesn't understand people very well.

We also meet Rin, who is her young, trouble-making neighbor. Rin is 9 years younger than Alice, and this becomes important later. He is essentially the "villain" of the piece, but I put it in quotations because it's not really true. Rin is...complex. Not many people like him, as you watch the story unfold. Rin is one of the strongest characters and members of the team, both in the past life and in the present. He is cunning, and there are times that it becomes too easy to forget, no matter what else, he is a kid. It is his memory that creates the conflict within the group, because he remembers a lot more than anyone else...and most of it is bad...

You also meet Haruhiko, a sickly young man, once Shikaido. He dreams of Mokuren, but it is Shukaido's desire and love for her that sets the road for the future in motion. Haru is gentle, sweet, and tries hard, despite his heart condition. He is friends with Tamura-san, a man with his own ghosts to bury.

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