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Kei KusanagiKei KusanagiKei Kusanagi (Please Teacher)
18 years (appears 15 years)18 years (appears 15 years)
Light brownLight brown
5'5"165 cm
130 lb130 lb
Dave WittenburgSouichirou Hoshi
Please TeacherOnegai Teacher

Character Description: Kei Kusanagi

Kei Kusanagi Kei kusanagi is 18 years, and has a condition called stagnation. This makes it so that if there is to much stress on his mind he will faint, or more seriously, fall into a coma. The first time this happened to him was when his sister jumped off the roof of her school building almost three and a half years before the begining of the show. This event put him in coma for three years, and while he was in the coma his body did not age. So, at the start of the show, he looks like he's only 15 years old.

Kei then witnesses an alien landing, and soon discovers that the alien is Miss Mizuho Kazumi, his new home room teacher. And not only that, but she lives next to him! At the begining of the show, he lives with his perverted Uncle Minoru and his uncle's wife, Konoha.

Kei and Mizuho then get locked in the supply shed at school, and are found by the principal and Kei's uncle, thanks to Kei's uncle knowing where the most private place in the school was, and knowing that sometimes one could get locked in. To keep Kei from getting expelled and Mizuho from getting fired, he told the principal that Kei was actually 18 and that Kei and Mizuho were secretly married. Then later he insists that they really do have to get married!

So now Kei has to keep both their relationship and that fact that she's an alien secret, and resist urges to do anything perverted to Mizuho in her sleep. Although that doesn't include the episode where Mizuho's mom, Hatsuho, comes over and starts to help Mizuho and Kei in sexual ways, or the rare occations when they accually do have sex.

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