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Character Profile: Green

USA Info
Japanese Info
Green Blue Green (Pokémon)
Pesky Girl(by Gary)  
Human Human
Female Female
About 14-16 years old(born June 1) About 14-16 years old(born June 1)
Brown Brown
Pokemon thief Pokemon thief
"Hahaha, another fool approaches!"  
Pokémon Pokémon

Character Description: Green

Blue is an elegant and spunky trainer who is the star in Pokemon FR/LG. She was Kamon's best friend since childhood and like he did, she stole Squirtle.

Blue loves to flirt, especially with the two rivals. She likes to comment on Gary's hair, but his ignorance has given her the nickname "Pesky Girl". As for Kamon, he eternally blushes at her comments on his "beautiful face" and her liking towards patting him on cheek. Blue also likes Normal Type Pokemon.

Each volume, her style of shoes changes. One volume she could be wearing high heels, while the next she could be wearing boots. In either case, Blue is always fashionable and elegant.

Blue is scared of Bird Pokemon, so she therefore found a way of traveling. She either flies on Jigglypuff, her trusted companion, or travels Blastoise, her "stolen starter".

Blue was on her way to see her true parents when the FR/LF saga began. Kamon even made an outfit for the special day. Blue blushes and thanks him afterward. But once she arrives there, her parents mysteriously disappeared in a black hole.

The saying "a girl will never get a husband if she is too clever" is just thin air for Blue. A combination of beauty and brains is what she is, and while being attractive, she has a trick up her sleeves all the time. She once convinced Ash to buy all these useless items for his Pikachu, and well, she ended up stealing his badges. But after Team Rocket shows up at Mt. Moon, she returns them and gives him a Marsh Badge (now where'd she get that from?).

Blue is overall a thievious, good-looking, and flirt-conscious girl who wishes nothing more than to be reunited with her family.

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