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Character Profile: Brock

USA Info
Japanese Info
Brock Takeshi Brock (Pokémon)
Human Human
Male Male
15 years old 15 years old
Brown Brown
Brown Brown
Pokémon Breeder, Pewter City Gym Leader Pokémon Breeder, Pewter City Gym Leader
Eric Stuart, Bill Rogers(seasons 9-10) Yuuji Ueda
Episode 5: Showdown In Pewter City Episode 5: Pewter Gym Battle
Pokémon Pokémon
· · ·
Pokémon Advance(6th season) Pokémon Advanced Generation
· · ·
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl(10th season) Pokemon Diamond & Pearl
· · ·
Pokemon 3: The Movie - Spell of the Unown Pocket Monsters: Emperor of the Crystal Tower
· · ·
Pokémon 4Ever Pokémon 4Ever
· · ·
Pokémon DP Battle Dimension(Season 11) Pokémon Diamond & Pearl(Season 11)

Character Description: Brock

When Ash first meets Brock, he seems a tough, no-nonsense guy ready to take on Ash's challenge. Upon further examination, Ash and Misty discover that Brock is also raising a very large family...without parents.

Brock, Pokémon AdvanceIt is the sudden re-emergence of Brock's father that allows Brock to join Ash and Misty on their travels and also allows him to pursue his own dream.

Unlike Ash and Misty, Brock is a Pokemon breeder. His primary goal in life is to learn what it takes to raise Pokemon to be the very best they can be. He doesn't raise them to fight, though he will not back down from a fight if pressed. He already has made significant progress toward his dream. He already knows quite a bit about Pokemon, and he has developed a recipe for a special Pokemon food that's both delicious and nutritious.

Brock joins the group with his sturdy rock Pokemon, Geodude and Onix, but his collection will diversify somewhat when he later captures a Zubat and acquires a Vulpix. And in Pokemon Jhoto, he catches a Pineco

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