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ClairIbukiClair (Pokémon)
About 28-29About 28-29
Gym Leader Of Blackthorn CityGym Leader Of Blackthorn City
Megan Hollingshead

Character Description: Clair

Clair is the Blackthorn City Gym Leader. She is also known as the famous cousin of Lance of the Elite Four. She is best described as a young lady with blue hair tied into a ponytail. She's obviously just like her cousin, always wearing the same cape over and over again (do anime people EVER change their clothes?)

Her team consists of Dragon Type Pokemon, some of the toughest to beat. She has a Kingdra, Gyarados, and Dragonair. This girl's pretty confident in the anime, manga, and game. Watch out. What she wants she gets.

Originally, Clair has a long and unforgettable past that seems to be explained in the manga. When she and Lance were 10, the two got to raise a Dratinis. In addition to that, Lance got her a Horsea because it was her birthday. They decide to have a battle afterward. Clair wins pretty easily the first time so their grandfather trains Lance after hearing of his loss.

The next time they meet is when the two are 16. Lance has gotten pretty darn strong and Clair is ready to kick his butt like last time. This time, though, he defeats her. Not only that, his Dratini is now a Dragonair. Clair, amazed, astonished, and curious as to how Lance got stronger, seeks training immeadately. Her grandfather does nothing but gives her a Dragon Scale and leaves. She then knows that when Seadra is exposed to it, it evolves into Kingdra (remember the evolution solution?). The morning after, the family calls up Clair to become the new Blackthorn City gym leader. She states that Lance is much better at that position, but he chose to become the League Champ, or Pokemon G-Man. Clair justs reacts with a wow, and accepts her new role as gym leader.

The real question among fans is "Is Clair actually related to Lance as cousin, friend, sister, and/or lover?" The answer is unknown. Many events in the manga state that they're only cousins, but in the game it is said they are siblings. Many fans believe they are close friends, but others think they are in love because they care about each other. I certainly don't know the answer so please don't ask me. I can tell you what I believe though. I've always thought of them as cousins but after reading the official shippings list, I began to study them closer. Guess what? I thought the two looked cute together. I'm all in for them being together but I can assure you that I don't know if it's true. The point is any position you put Clair in, she'll always shine in the midst of the spotlight.

Clair has always been a cool gym leader. She's always the confident and coolgirl you would expect. She is always there for anyone and she will always try hard to win. She's pretty tough, seeing as the only person she's lost to is Lance. She is cool and passionate.

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