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DawnHikariDawn (Pokemon Diamond and Pearl)
10 years old10 years old
New pokemon trainerNew pokemon trainer
"No need to worry."
"Following a Maiden's Voyage!" (Season 10)"Following a Maiden's Voyage!" (Season 10)
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (10th season)Pokemon Diamond & Pearl
· · ·
Pokémon DP Battle Dimension (Season 11)Pokémon Diamond & Pearl (Season 11)

Character Description: Dawn

Dawn is a new Pokemon trainer that lived in the town of Twinleaf. She rides her bike to the next town to see Professor Rowan. She had a post card that shows where to go, but she couldn't find the lab. She runs into Professor Rowan, and he showed her to his lab. Unfortunately Piplup, and Chimchar escaped from the lab. Dawn had to look for Piplup, and she found it trapped in an Ariados web. She does bring Piplup back, and a bird Pokemon carried Chimchar back. She also saw a strange Pokemon near a lake.

The Pokemon she chose was Piplup, and she goes to the next town. She tries to capture two different Pokemon, but it didn't work. When she tries to capture a Pikachu, the pokeball wouldn't take it. She does see Team Rocket, and she knew that something wasn't right with the Pikachu because it didn't like team rocket. Also, Dawn's bike gets wreck by Pikachu's electric attack.

When she gets to the Pokemon center, she calls her mom, and Professor Rowan. She tells professor Rowan that she'll find the Pikachu's trainer. For those of you who haven't seen Pokemon, the Pikachu's trainer is Ash Ketchum. Dawn does meet Ash Ketchum, and Brock. She does ask Ash if she could join them, and Ash accepts by saying "Sure, the more the merrier." She does asks if Ash if he was going to put Pikachu inside its pokeball, but Ash explains that Pikachu doesn't like going into a pokeball.

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