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Anime Profile: Pokémon the First Movie - Mewtwo vs. Mew

USA Info
Japanese Info
Pokémon the First Movie - Mewtwo vs. MewPocket Monsters: Mewtwo Strikes Back! (ポケットモンスター ミュウツーの逆襲)Pokémon the First Movie - Mewtwo vs. Mew
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Pocket Monsters: Myuutsuu no Gyakushuu
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Pikachu no Natsu Yasumi ("Pikachu's Summer Vacation") (Movie short) (Japan)
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Pikachu's Summer Vacation
1 Movie
November 10, 1999July 18, 1998 (Mewtwo Strikes Back)
Warner Bros. Pictures, 4Kids Ent.Shogakukan, OLM Digital, Nintendo
Satoshi Tajiri
Kunihiko Yuyama
Action, AdventureAction, Adventure
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Ash KetchumSatoshi
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Pokémon the First Movie - Mewtwo vs. Mew

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ash Ketchum Satoshi Nurse Joy Joi-San
Giovanni Sakaki Pikachu Pikachu
Mew Myu Marill --?--
Mewtwo Myutuo Snubbll --?--
Misty Kasumi

Description: Pokémon the First Movie - Mewtwo vs. Mew

If you have ever wondered how Mewtwo was created, then this movie shows how it was done. Mewtwo was created by scientists that work for the leader of team rocket, Giovanni. As one scientist says "After many failed attempts we have managed to create Mewtwo." When Mewtwo broke out of the container he was created in, he tries to destroy the lab, and he met Giovanni.

After many battles Mewtwo starts to wonder about his purpose, and as a result he escapes. He returns to where he was created, and he became the only Pokemon that is also a trainer. He uses a Nurse Joy as a puppet to send invitations to Pokemon trainers by a Dragonite. There is one part in the movie when Mewtwo has pokeballs that capture the other trainer's Pokemon, and take their DNA (Jessie, James, and Meowth saw what happened when the machine took a hair from Meowth and made a copycat).

The movie also had a short Pikachu movie called Pikachu's Vacation. It's when the Pokemon of Ash, Misty, and Brock go to a vacation area for Pokemon. Also, we see the Pokemon Snubbull, and Marill. The one part in Pikachu's Vacation that I like is when Meowth is trying to take a nap, but gets disturbed when Pikachu and Raichu are running very close, and when Charizard's head gets stuck in a tube.

Audio Files: Pokémon the First Movie - Mewtwo vs. Mew

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